Nami’s Progression In The Whole Cake Island Arc


Hey guys, do you also feel like the fandom doesn’t really appreciate what Nami contributes to the Strawhat crew? By that I mean everything she does, despite being a navigator of the crew. I mean, Nami has done such unbelievable things this arc and nobody is hardly talking about it as if that would be the easiest accomplishments in the world. I don’t remember any female in the series doing something, quite like she did!


Just in this arc:

  • She was crucial in defeating Cracker, one of the 3 Sweet Commanders.
  • Then she fought the Enraged Army alongside Luffy and took most of them out (stated by Charlotte Galette)
  • During the tea party, she was part of the Vinsmoke Rescue Team and delivered them their raid suits which let to them surviving.
  • That wasn’t even the crazy part. After that she steals one of the strongest weapons of a Yonko and uses it against her, to not only stall her, but also land couple shots (the most recent one also seemed to damage her) on Big mom herself.
  • Now, Jinbe is able to dodge Smoothie’s attacks efficiently because of Nami’s navigation skills and of course due to him being an insane helmsman.

Not only that, but her whole attitude has changed. It’s like the whining, comedy side vanished (for the most part). She’s facing a Yonko and her crew, yet she’s so determined and carries out every single order of her captain (breaking the mirrors) without complaining. She’s much more confident in her abilities, telling Luffy to step aside so that she can deal with Big Mom. I mean that’s a YONKO and she’s just casually saying that. Not to mention her emotional moment with Sanji (mighty slap) which was soooo sad and made the chapter much better than it already was.


I just feel like, her efforts aren’t really appreciated. This is not hating, really, but I feel like if Robin had done 1/5 of what Nami has done this arc, people would hype the f**k out of her calling her best female and all. If Robin does something amazing we hype and compliment her because she deserves it, but when Nami does things like that, nobody gives damn and people continue calling her useless, a bitch, greedy, arrogant and overall just bad compared to Robin.

There has to be something where this hate towards her comes from, but I don’t get what. Is it that she sometimes punches certain crew members or her love for money. If yes, then people don’t understand that those are comedic aspects to make people laugh. Why do they take that so seriously? Even when she has mad Fan-Service scenes, Oda makes an effort to make that part important for the overall story. Best example in Whole Cake Island where we got important info on Elbaf during her bath.

What do you guys think? Am I wrong? Feel free to share your opinion.

*Theory by Rob-Lucci

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