New Connection between Ryuma and Zoro!


From Ryuma’s Vivre Card


0475 Ryuma

Epithets: “The Legendary Samurai” Shimotsuki Ryuma “Master Sword God”

Former Samurai of Wano Country

Thriller Bark/General Zombie



Gender: Male

Ship: Thriller Bark

Birthday: November 6

Age: He passed away at 47

Height: 179cm

Origin: Grand Line Wano Country

Favorite food: Curry


Before??: Born in the Ringo region of Wano Country.


Before??: He obtained meito Shusui.

Before??: He cut down the dragon that appeared in the sky of Wano Country Capital.

Before??: He lost his life.

Before??: His body and Shusui were stolen.

Before??: He became General Zombie through the hands of Moria.

Before??: After his fight with Zoro, he gave him Shusui.


So, we have Shimotsuki Ryuma, the Daimyo of Hakumai: Shimotsuki Yasuie, his daughter O-Toko, Shimotsuki Village where Zoro trained with Koushirou and Kuina, and Zoro was born in November(=”Shimotsuki” in old japanese).

*by PillFencer

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