New Info On The Yonko Emperors Revealed!


One Piece novel A are two official novels about Portgas D. Ace’s journey as a pirate. The novel is set for an official English release by VIZ Media in May 2020 under the name One Piece: Ace’s Story.


The novel provides a lot of important information about the Yonko:

-Whitebeard Pirates reiterate that Newgate is the World’s Strongest Man and add that he could destroy an entire island in a blink of an eye.

-Red Hair Shanks had several duels with Mihawk and every one of them have made the headlines. Furthermore, most of Shanks’ fame comes from those duels. It is also said that he does not seek to become the Pirate King.


-It is said that it’s better to not make Shanks angry because when he is angry no one can stop him.


-Since Shanks was on Oro Jackson, many people believe he’s Roger’s heir.

-Shanks is described to be very gentle with his friends but to be ruthless with the youngbloods who think too high of themselves.

-Shanks does not consider the straw hat to be more precious than life. This means the love Luffy has for the straw hat might be too much.

-For Shanks’ men, Whitebeard is worst than the devil and they will prefer to die 100 times rather than face him.

-It is said that Kaido was above Whitebeard in term of strength (note: it is not said if it is Prime Whitebeard or Old Whitebeard)

-It is said that Kaido is the World’s Strongest Creature because of his apparent immortality and that he’s a ferocious fighter.

-Whiteberd was considered as a hero in Fishman Island. The Fishmen trust him more than they trust the World Government.

-It is said that what makes Big Mom dangerous is when she is in a bad mood. Big Mom’s crew is compared to a mafia reigning over a country rather than a pirate crew protecting a territory.

-It is said that Kaido’s existence is horrific in itself. And that his crew are more a group of delinquent than a pirate crew.

-Whitebeard and Big Mom are from the previous generation while Kaido and Shanks are from the generation after that.

-On his territories Whitebeard had restaurants, casinos, trade, weapons trade, show business…all those activities were there to sustain his tremendous armada. Basically, Whitebeard had the most men, the most territories and a huge amount of revenues.

-It is reiterated that Teach is a beastly and ruthless fighter.

-It is said that there is no bad rumors about Shanks because he is considered to be a good guy.

-Shanks is the Emperor that people have the most difficulty to locate. It is said that Marines are actively trying to take territories from Emperors but they are doing that step by step.

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