I was reminded of the colour page Oda created before Wano started


What is the story behind this image?

The woman in the picture in the arms of the man is named as Kiku-Hime, very similar to the O-Kiku that appears as of recent in the Wano arc. Her name (Kiku-Hime) means “chrysanthemum princess” which is a flower.

Kiku-Hime’s Story

She is the daughter of Hitaki, the patriach of her family and the Daimyo of Yo, A Non-Canon area in Wano Country. Yo was ruled by Hitaki for many years. His ruling position was supposed to be passed down to his daughter, Kiku-Hime, and her fiancé, the family’s flower arranging teacher, Toratsugo. However, three days after their engagement, Lark, a prince from a neighboring region, came to the capital and murdered Hitaki. Toratsugu was instead blamed for Hitaki’s death by Lark and sent to prison. He escaped prison to a nearby beach, where he found and ate the Tori Tori no Mi, Model: Nue He went into hiding in a mountain temple, and Lark and Kiku-Hime got engaged.

The Straw Hats wash up on the land with their ship, similar to what happen in the manga, and saved Kiku-Hime from Lark with Luffy punching him in the face.

O-Kiku’s Connection


-They are very similar in appearance and name.

-Urashima wishes to marry O-Kiku similarly to how Lark wanted to marry Kiku-Hime before Luffy showed up in both comparisons to stop them.

-O-Kiku may in fact be connected to the local current Diamyo either by blood or association.

-Oden Kozuki was the Daimyo of Kuri and like Hitaki was killed by an outside force.

-Perhaps a Toratsugo character would be introduced albeit under a different name.

Furthermore, the cover story of chapter 916 where Chopper wears a kimono, could foreshadow O-Kiku as a new Nakama. What do you think?


*Theory by SSsagemode

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