Oda foreshadowed the Devil Fruit of Kaido’s Numbers in latest chapter


So far we could differentiate Kaido’s Numbers based on the sound they make and the sound seems to be in sync with their numbers. For example, we have goki (5), hacha (8), kunyu (10) in chapter 978.


In the english version, it is not that clear but in the japanese version, the same panel has something interesting.

What I want to draw your attention is this word ムシ. Even though it is simply translated as ignore in english version, Oda actually uses the katakana form of ignore (ムシ) and there’s a repetition to this word which is important.

Could it be that this is a hint of their devil fruit, Mushi Mushi no Mi (ムシムシの実)?. Since devil fruits are usually named in repetitive manner. Mushi in japanese could also represent bug/insect


So therefore the devil fruit model of all the numbers should be of insects/bugs.

Exactly what’s the bug or insect fruit are we looking at then? Actually the sound reveals the model as well. Goki ゴキ = Gokiburi = Cockroach, Hacha = Hachi = Bees

This then brings about Usopp. Remember at Jaya arc, Usopp said that he would beat those giants and 10 of them?


Well Usopp’s power is now plant based and his master Hercales is like of bug based design. Therefore we will see pop greens vs bugs.

*Theory by boyplunger56

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