Oda foreshadowed Vivi and Sabo coming in Wano!


I beg you to bear with me for a second. I will do my best to make this interesting to read. Chapter 955 ends on the morning of the Onigashima raid. Chapter 956 starts on that same day, with Garp spilling the beans on what happened at the Levely.


We know it’s the same day because of this panel:

Later in this chapter the clock turns back a little bit more and we find ourselves at Morgan’s. There we find out 4 things happened: The Shichibukai system is officially abolished, there’s also an obituary, an assassination attempt and an Alabasta incident. Judging by the people affected by the news, 3 characters could have died: Sabo, Vivi, or Cobra.


Let’s first discard the easiest one, Sabo. Sabo is the easiest to discard, thanks to Blackbeard’s reaction to the news.


In the anime, it’s translated a little different…

Take what? You might ask… The Mera Mera no Mi, Blackbeard has been hunting for Devil Fruits all this time.

If Sabo died in Mary Geoise, Blackbeard would have no chance of getting it. It would most likely be in the hands of the World Government by now. Besides that, it would be very dumb to make a whole flashback and introduce Sabo, just to kill him without Luffy being able to do anything.

Now that Blackbeard is hunting him, just like he set himself to hunt Ace, that builds up the tension for Luffy’s fight with him nicely! And it’s something Oda would do.

Now… We have two people from Alabasta left, as well as an assassination attempt and an obituary.

If we assume one of them was assassinated while the other was attempted to, the narration checks in with the way Garp tells the story: he received a report of one incident involving the Kingdom of Alabasta.

So… Who’s dead? In chapter 908 we learned that the Five Elders asked Im sama for the name of the “light” that needed to be extinguished from history…

And whose picture was Im sama carrying with him to the throne?

The assassination was attempted by the Gouroseki on Vivi. Probably with the aid of the Cypher Police (Rob Lucci and the CP-0 were in Mary Geoise for the Levely). Lucci is extremely loyal to the Celestial Dragons.

It could also be attempted with the help of Kuma, and that would tie the stories together. But I find that hard to believe due to the fact that Kuma was rented by Charloss’ father, and he’s now a slave fo the Celestial Dragons.

My guess is that when they tried to assassinate Vivi and extinguish the light, Cobra protected her and died.

Sabo was blamed for the assassination of Cobra somehow. We know that the Cipher Pol can mask their faces to look like other people.

But it could just have been that when the assassination attempt occurred, Sabo intervened, protected Vivi, and was found with her and the CP0, next to Cobra’s body. Being blamed instantly for the death of Cobra by the witnesses who wouldn’t believe CP0 would kill a king.

If this happened, the information the Government was trying to manipulate was the involvement of the Cipher Pol. They probably just where trying to get Morgans to keep quiet on their presence in the scene. It would be hard to hide the fact that someone as Cobra died.

Any how, this is really bad for Sabo. Being blamed of murdering Cobra, brings him the same consequences of attempting to assassinate a Tenyubrito. The Nefertari family is one of the 20 founding families.

This means he’ll be tracked down and hunted by a least an Admiral, and Blackbeard is joining on this hunt.

Straw Hats who have proclaimed that Luffy will become King of the Pirates

Emperor Crews are both mirrors and opposites of each other