Oda has planned for Zoro to follow Ryuma’s and Oden’s Path


Zoro and Ryuma parallel in Wano

Both accused as a murderer


Both met a girl traumatised by dragon

Zoro and Oden parallel in Wano

Zoro/Oden saved Hiyori/Toki and both fainted


Hiyori/Toki treated Zoro/Oden


Hiyori/Toki cried in Zoro/Oden’s arm

Both enraged at Orochi and tried to cut a terrified Orochi with 2 swords but someone interfered.

Also, both Toki and Hiyori are 26 years old when they met Oden and Zoro.

Ryuma is a dragon slayer, Oden gave Kaido a permanent scar, something no one else has been able to do before or after.

Is Oda planning for Zoro to follow their path?

Zoro already use Shushui (Ryuma’s sword) to slay Dragon like Ryuma

Now that Zoro got Enma (Oden’s sword) will he wound Kaido like Oden?

*Theory by revisioncloud

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