Oda is making intentional parallels between Sanji and Kaido’s Daughter


From the first time we started learning about Yamato, I’ve been getting this strangely familiar feeling from him/her.


Yamato’s father, Kaido, is this strong “ruler” who values power and seems to dislike weakness and sentimentality. From the get go this vaguely reminded me of Judge, though very distantly. But I thought nothing much of this at first.

Then we find out that Yamato aspires to be (like) Oden, something Kaido despises. Due to this, Yamato and Kaido would “clash” often, with Yamato getting beaten up constantly. This reminded me of Sanji’s aspirations to become a cook, and the way Judge despised this, which partly led to Sanji getting beat up as a child.


They both have grand dreams for the future, but they are “belittled” for them to some degree.


Yamato also dreams of leaving Wano to adventure like Oden, but his father has “caged” (in a sense) him to stay using fear. Similar to Sanji’s situation in childhood and Whole Cake Island arc.

The most “straightforward” connection was made, when Yamato was handcuffed with exploding handcuffs, that would explode should he leave. Literally the same situation as Sanji in the Whole Cake Island arc, making it very hard to believe this wasn’t an intentional connection Oda made between them.

Finally, Kaido wishes Yamato to become the future shogun of Onigashima, similarly to how Judge wanted his children to become the commanders of his army (before realizing Sanji was a “failure”) . Both Yamato and Sanji resent this role though. Additionally both of them hate the actions of their fathers, considering it morally wrong.

I feel like many of these connections are rather obvious, but I’m very curious as to how this will be used in the story, as the parallels are very strong.

*by Jas_Ann


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