Oda is making intentional parallels between Zoro and Oden


First, they both have no navigational skills.


Oden met a 26 years old Toki.

Zoro met a 26 years old Hiyori.


Oden saved Toki and fainted.


Zoro saved Hiyori and fainted.

Toki treated Oden.

Hiyori treated Zoro.

Toki/Hiyori hug a furious Oden/Zoro while crying.

Furious two sword style Oden/Zoro went to claim Orochi’s head.

Orochi terrified.

Oden’s figting style has a great resemblance to Zoro’s. Just Oden using 2 swords while Zoro uses 3 swords.

So what’s next for Zoro? Surpass Oden? Blacken Enma? Injure Kaido?

The Clash between KAIDO and MORIA

The Yonkos are inspired by the 4 Symbols of the Chinese Constellations