Oda is making intentional parallels between Zoro and Oden


Given the chapter 961 scene, I think we can all agree Oda is making intentional parallels between Zoro and Oden.


1-The Boar cutting scene is constructed similarly to the Punk Hazard scene down to even Kin’emon being stuck to the boar with only his legs dangling off of it.

2- Oden’s figting style has a great resemblance to Zoro’s. Just Oden using 2 swords while Zoro uses 3 swords.


3-Of course both of them are the only tamers of Enma. Zoro is stated to have the potential to even forge Enma black.


4-Zoro is very involved in Oden’s children’s plots.

5-Both traveled around Wano getting into fights with Yakuza and both garnered favor from Yasuie.

6-Lastly of course Zoro has an intensified disdain for Orochi more than anyone else in the main cast.

So given Oda is pushing for the parallels, what do you think will be the pay off for all this?

Will Zoro defeat Oden’s betrayer Orochi? Will he cut Kaido like Oden did?

Will Zoro become the Strongest Swordsman in Wano like Oden was? Will he surpass Oden by making Enma black?

*Theory by ImmaIvanoM

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