Oda is set to unveil a new character in Wano!


This is something that I noticed happening in the the latest chapters where Oda seems to be setting up to a reveal of a new (or old) character in One Piece.


So in chapter 982 we witness what looks like a kimono of someone conversing with Marco who at first I thought was Izo because his speech and response from Marco indicates that he is connected to Wano in someway.

However in the latest chapter we see Izo’s design and the kimono he is wearing looks completely different then the one shown on the ship.


Now at first I thought that it could be that he simply changed his outfit because the character in stripes would have shown up in this panel with the rest of the characters we saw on the ship.

However I started to rationalize it in my head and I came to the conclusion that if someone was related to Wano and close to Oden he would for sure priortize protecting what’s left of Oden over fighting Kaido espcially if he knows that there are already so many powerful pirates after Kaido’s head.

And that when I stumbled onto this:


On the same page where we see Jinbe, Robin and the rest of the samurai. Oda leaves this and it’s obvious that it is the same pattern we saw earlier. Now at first I thought this was Hyogoro’s hands shaking but notice that Hyogoro is wearing short sleeves while the panel next to it we see long sleeves. Also, he seems to be stressed because of what might happen to Momonosuke so it’s safe to assume that we are about to find out who this character is if he tries to interrupt the execution.

I have some idea about who might this be however I will admit that this is merely speculation and is the weakest part of this theory because of the lack of evidence.

So, it could be the mystery person from the cover page of chapter 631.

What do you think?

*Theory by Akuba79

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