Oda said today at the Jump Festa that Shanks will begin to move in 2021!


Events such as the Jump Festa are always awaited with great anticipation by fans for the announcements and for the exclusive previews of the major ongoing series.


On the occasion of the Jump Festa ’21 stage dedicated to One Piece, Oda left a long message to his fans, preparing them well for the arrival of Chapter 1000 scheduled for January 4, 2021.

Here’s the translation made by EtenBoby:

To the people watching Jump Festa, hello!! It really has been a tough year, I believe there’re many people strongly affected by the coronavirus.


I want to give a round of applause to the many workers in the industry who are still bringing spirit to everyone in a wild situation such as now, that’s how this year has been.

On Jump, Demon Slayer was amazing. It saved many people emotionally and brought them joy, really impressive. That’s how manga should be, I was somehow moved as well!

Now, let’s talk about OP stage in Jump Festa! One Piece is soon reaching chapter 1000!! By the time this message is read, I’ll have already finished chapter 1000 and be on my way to meeting the cast…or that’s what would’ve happened!


Now I can’t go, what a shame…Old men and women on the stage…wait no Old men and young ladies on the stage, are you doing well?Anyway even though I can’t go, I still finished chapter 1000! Is it good?

Chapter 1000 will be on the first issue next year!! What a timing! Please look forward to it!

There are all kinds of projects going on alongside the celebration of chapter 1000, they’ll warm up the New Year!

Then in 2021 we’ll have another special year with volume 100!

About the manga story itself, as new info will that person move a bit-?The man with red hair…!!

As usual the story is pushing towards its end! Please take your time and enjoy next year as well!

When Oda showed Shanks, except for various cameo of Yonko/big shots at the end of a saga, it was always for big implications.
The first promise of the Manga and the bet on a New Era; the dangerous meeting with Whitebeard; the end of the war after a clash with Kaido; the misterious meeting with the Gorosei.

The teasing is 23 years long, actually, but maybe that means we’re going to see him involved or in a huge event or directly in a saga.
He has to shine, in some ways, maybe we’ll have a plot twist explaining all this “only because is you” thing (World Government dog, many say), probably we’ll se him doing what he always does, stopping others from making bloodbaths or targeting “that pirate”.

The hype is real!

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