Oda Will Soon Introduce The Ancient Weapon Pluton


In this theory I’m gonna talk about the Lurking Legend. This is exactly what Oda said: “I’ll introduce one of the Legends which lurks in ONE PIECE world. The greatest enemy ever for Straw Hats will hinder their way. Perhaps it’ll be something related to Whitebeard”


Since then, people, including me, have been speculating about who that Legend might be. Is he Shanks? Blackbeard? Shiki? Is he the captain of Rox?

But there are things I think the majority didn’t pay attention to (note that the one who translated Oda’s message is Japanese, so he knows Japanese):
1- He says one of the Legends which, and not who ( dono, not dare )
2- He says something related, and not someone related ( nanika, not dareka )

Now I know that this could be just a translation mistake, so take this with a grain of salt. This is not important for the theory. What we can conclude from what I say above is that Legend can be a thing, not a person.

Let’s think about this:

1- It’s a Legend.
2- It’s lurking in the world of ONE PIECE.
3- It has something to do with Whitebeard.

I think the answer was right in front of us but we didn’t notice it. Oda is clearly talking about Pluton, the Ancient Weapon:

1- Pluton is a legendary battleship. It’s been there since the Void Century.
2- Pluton is a Lurking Legend. It’s already there hidden somewhere in the world. Robin said that “to think that there are such weapons waiting to be found!” .
3- Pluton and Whitebeard share the same characteristic: they can destroy the world.


Don’t think of “related to Whitebeard” as something that has to do with family. Think of what made Whitebeard so notorious: the Gura Gura no Mi, a Devil Fruit that gives its owner the power to destroy islands, just like Pluton (of course Pluton is way deadlier). I know that Blackbeard is the one who has that power currently, but still Whitebeard is the most famous one for using it.


Garp said in Marineford that Whitebeard is the man “who has the power to destroy the world”.
Poseidon’s power can destroy the world as well, except that Oda said “I’ll introduce”. Poseidon has already been introduced in Fishman Island arc.

So it could either be Uranus or Pluton. But I’ll go with Pluton, because it’s the perfect example of a Legend that lurks in the ONE PIECE world. It was said that while the blueprints were destroyed, Pluton itself is believed to be asleep, hiding somewhere in Alabasta.

Oda named it after Pluton the ruler of the underworld, maybe to hint that Pluton is hidden underneath Alabasta.

Now why did I choose Pluton over Uranus ? Because Oda said “Perhaps it’ll be something related to Whitebeard. Oops i’m being too talkative” which means it’s something we already know of. If it was Uranus, then he would have no need to say “oops i’m being too talkative” since we have absolutely no idea about what Uranus is (a person or a thing or ..?). However, we already know about Pluton and Poseidon.

P.S.: Remember Chapter 908 ? Im was walking towards his throne holding Vivi’s picture, the Princess of Alabasta.

I think something will happen to Alabasta and Oda will introduce Pluton.

*Theory by Admiral Ryokugyu

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