Oda’s Answers on Sanji’s Eyebrows and Diable Jambe begin to make sense!


This was Oda answer in SBS about Sanji eyebrows, he answered this many years ago and even today many people did not understand what he meant, I have a theory that will make sense of Oda’s words.


As we can see, Sanji’s eyebrow is to one side and his brothers are to the other side, Sanji was born with humanity, his brothers were born without humanity.

When asked about Diable Jambe on an SBS, Oda replied that Sanji can create flames thanks to his burning heart, a lot of people didn’t understand, but over time it made a lot of sense, considering that Sanji’s emotions strengthen his flames and allows to use more powerful techniques like Hell Memories.


This was crucial information that Queen gave us. Unlike Sanji, his brothers don’t have a burning heart, his brothers have a heart of ice, Sora’s sacrifice is what saved the humanity of Sanji and it may have done much more than that, melting the heart of ice he should have had, it means that Sanji’s flames are not part of the lineage factor devised by Judge.


Another clue to this theory is that Sanji’s lighter was Oda’s own creation, but what’s most impressive is that the lighter looks a lot like Sora, is golden like her hair and we can only see one eye, it’s literally an image of Sanji’s mother giving him fire.

But going back to Sanji’s eyebrows and Oda’s response, how are they connected? Well it’s been shown that Sanji’s eyebrows are in the opposite direction to his brothers, it’s physical proof that he’s different from them, that he’s the opposite of them. It probably means their heart, if Sanji gets his eyebrows like his brothers, his heart will go cold.

This brings us back to the Barati√™ farewell and brings new meaning to Zeff words, I don’t doubt that Oda had planned everything from the beginning.

We learned that the eyebrows indicate how the heart looks, if it is a burning heart with humanity or an ice heart without humanity. Well the Earth works in a similar way. If the Earth started spinning backwards, the Earth’s circulation will affects the planet’s climate, if it starts to rotate the opposite, climate disasters will happen. And that connects with Oda-sensei’s enigmatic answer.

Oda has also already answered us about the nationality of each Straw Hat. In that case, Sanji’s nationality would be France, what would happen to France if the Earth started spinning backwards? In the same way that if the eyebrow were on the opposite side, your heart would freeze, so would France if the earth rotated in the opposite way, France would face a terrible winter.

Another clue that starts to make sense about the eyebrows representing the heart, is that if you put the eyebrows together they form a heart, like this one of Kingdom Hearts, and as it was shown, heart has great meaning in the lore of Sanji and Germa, now Sanji needs to be careful to his eyebrow doesn’t change, or his heart will start freeze, If it happens, Sanji will lose his burning heart and consequently lose his diable jambe.

“Dont catch a cold, Sanji”

*by InterestingSun6070

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