Oda’s promise of the imminent start of a Battle Royale is coming true


Right now we have Kid vs Shanks and Law vs Blackbeard. I can’t see Blackbeard and Shanks losing at this point of the story because of many reasons, among which narrative and hype built for over twenty five years.


At the same time i can’t see Kid and Law dying at this point of the story, especially Law who seems to have become for Oda the “vessel” throughout which we have to learn about the D.Clan, the Will of D. and their “checkered fate”.

So what now??

I can see this being resolved like this:

Blackbeard will reach his goal, he will take the Red Poneglyphs that Law has, while the latter is utterly defeated. But when Blackbeard is on the verge of killing him for good, a third party will appear, the Navy, it could be Garp or Fujitora.


That will make Blackbeard retreat immediately since he doesn’t want to deal with the Navy, especially with a legendary marine or a gravity controlling Admiral, now that he is worn out after a tough fight with a Supernova.

Law and the Heart Pirates will escape on their own with the submarine.

So it’s good for everyone Blackbeard wins, fulfills his agenda, and Law doesn’t die and escapes, but he’s back to square one (or zero) with no Poneglyph rubbings.

Kid and the Kid Pirates look to be in a worse situation, they are against Shanks, his executives, the remnants of the old Giant Pirates and his allied crews.


How can he survive this?

I think Shanks will live up to the hype, at the same time Kid will not be outdone. Kid and Shanks will clash with their Conqueror’s Haki like Luffy and Kaido.

When the Kid Pirates are on the brink of being overwhelmed, it will appear the Cross Guild with Crocodile and Mihawk.

In both cases the appearance of a third party will soften the extreme outcome of utter defeat/death in this deadly scenarios.

Do you think it’s a plausible scenario of what will happen??

*by West_Conclusion_1239

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