One of the biggest mysteries in One Piece: Luffy’s Mother


One of the biggest mysteries of the OPverse is still Luffy’s mother. The only thing we know is what Oda mentioned in an interview released in american shonen jump back in 2009.

Oda said: I think she’s alive. I’m still thinking hard about this. [Laughs] But if she does appear in the story, then she’ll be a very tough-looking woman. And strict. There’s no way that she’s a beautiful mother. She’s got this typical middle-aged woman’s permed hair.

The description fits perfect with Dadan and if we look at the rest of the interview it also makes sense.

Oda said: Speaking about families, I did a backstory for Nico Robin and her family. That was actually the first time for me to draw a mother in a character’s memory. Up until that point, I’d never drawn a blood relation. In Chopper’s case, he’s called a son even though he’s not blood-related. So I’ve put in a message there saying that you can still call someone who’s not related by blood your family.

Dadan was introduced in April 2010, and maybe Oda decided to use the description for Luffy’s mother someone who played Luffy’s mother.
I mean Dadan is a very tough looking and strict person, She is definetly not a beautiful mother and she has got this typical middle-aged womans permed hair.


That’s why would say we have no clue, who Luffy’s mother could be. Recently I came up with the idea that Kuma’s sister could be Luffy’s mother. I know it’s very speculative, because we don’t even know if Kuma has a sister, but it would work perfectly with the current story, if you are interested, read on.

Double Agent Kuma

After Franky revealed what Kuma said to Rayleigh, everyone knows Kuma was a Revolutionary Army Commander who infiltrated the Goverment as Shichibukai. (Chapter 603)

And to get as much information as possible, he paid a high price, his own life! He let himself step by step turn into a weapon, ending up with loosing his own will and mind so he ends up dying and his body becomes a weapon of the enemy. (Chapter 530)


The big question is, why did Kuma save Luffy multiple times and what are his reasons for this?

Kuma and Luffy
We all can agree without Kuma, Strawhats wouldn’t have survived Sabaody. He came there not only giving every Strawhat his own past. He also protect them from an attacking Pacifista. (Chapter 513)


Some may think he risked his mission at this point, but I would say he allready completed his mission as Double Agent, because his time was allready over and a few days later he allready turned into a mindless weapon. So he might have just save them, because Luffy is Dragon’s son.

But it’s not the first time Kuma risked his mission for Luffy, back on Thriller Bark Kuma was ordered to kill Strawhats and everyone who saw that Moriah got defeated. (Chapter 483)

But instead of fullfiling his orders he just tested the Strawhats and let everyone survive. After just telling Sengoku everyone managed to escape, at this point the World Government could have lost trust in Kuma. (Chapter 490)

At this point many would agree that Kuma indeed risked his mission for Luffy, but may also ask whats the difference between what he did and what Ivankov did.
Ivankov never planned to escape, he wanted to wait till the right moment. (Chapter 539)

But after he found out Luffy is Dragon’s son, he turned the plan over and decided to help Dragon’s son. (Chapter 539)

And they are right there are similiarities, both risked their mission to save the family of their leader. But some may have noticed abig different between Ivankov and Kuma. Kuma knew that Dragon has a son, Ivankov not., after Kuma tested the Strawhats, he made it clear that he knows who Luffy is. (Chapter 485)

Some may say, its because Dragon trust Kuma more, but I think that is wrong. It looked like both were members/commanders of the Revolutionary Army from the begiining. (Chapter 587)

And that Dragon wants to explain Ivankov, what happend Kuma, just show Dragon trusts Ivankov a lot. (Chapter 593)

And it looked like Vegapunk granted Kuma one last wish by turning him into a mindless weapon. That he is allowed to protect the Sunny until the return of the Strawhats. (Chapter 603)

How does this all fit? To answer that question let us look for reason, why Kuma might go so far to give his own life to destroy the World Government.

Kuma detested the World Government

Ivankovs reaction after Doflamingo told him what happend to Kuma, that Kuma detested the WG. (Chapter 530)

But why did he detest the WG? I think one hint gave us Moriah, he called him Tyrant Kuma once they met on Thriller Bark. (Chapter 474)

Could it be that Kuma was the Ruler of a Kingdom that got destroyed by the WG? Definitely! That would also explain, why Kuma had to make that deal and become step by step their mindless weapon to get the trust of the WG or not? I mean under normal circumstances they could never trust anyone whose kingdom they destroyed.
So, if we assume he was a ruler of a Kingdom, it is also possible that he had a family, which got killed by the destruction of the kingdom. And to revenge his family he sacrificed his own live. But would someone like this risk the plan just to save a kid that has nothing to do with the RA, even if it is the son of their leader? I have my doubts about it. But if Luffy is his last living blood relative, it would make sense and gives everything Kuma done for Luffy more depth. It also explains why he is the only one knowing that Luffy is Dragon’s son.
That’s why I came up with the idea that Kuma had a sister, his sister was Dragon’s wife and Luffy is his nephew.
The destruction of Kuma’s Kingdom could also have been the beginning of the Revolutionary Army.


  • Oda use the description of Luffy’s mother to create a person, who played a mother role in Luffys life: Dadan.
  • Kuma was once the Ruler of Kingdom and had a sister who was Dragon’s wife and Luffy’s mother.
  • Kumas Kingdom was destroyed by the Kingdom the only ones who survived were Kuma, Dragon and Luffy, Luffy was than given to Garp.
  • Dragon founded the Revolutionary Army after the destruction of Kuma’s Kingdom and the death of his wife.
  • Kuma went on a suicide mission to revenge his family and kingdom. During his mission he also watched over his nephew Luffy, his last blood relative.

How do you think about?

*Theory by Nessos

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