ONE PIECE AWARDS: The best of One Piece in 2017

  • Best New Character of the Year: Katakuri. His epic introduction, his crazy bounty and Bege hyping him up (he has extraordinary mastery of Kenbunshoku Haki, having trained to such a degree that he can see slightly ahead into the future). Katakuri is easily one of the best ‘villains’ we have had against the Strawhats thus far, he kinda reminds me of Luffy VS Lucci. Looking forward to Luffy unlocking even more potential.


  • Best Character of the Year: Brook is the real MVP of Whole Cake Island! He challenged Big Mom 2 Times(The second time he cuts Zeus and saves the Sunny)! He also got the copy of Big Mom’s Poneglyph, broke the picture of Mother Caramel and saved Carrot by walking on water.

  • Funniest Moment of the Year: Luffy and Brook. They emerge from their bath, with Luffy discontent due to relaxing before the battle has started. They then open a fridge and take out some milk, despite a Fire Tank Pirate member berating them for their rudeness. They then drink the milk, which heals Luffy’s missing tooth and Brook’s skull crack, appalling the guard.


  • Best Surprise of the Year: Jinbe leaving Big Mom’s crew and joining the Straw Hat Pirates crew and Carrot‘s Sulong Transformation.


  • BONUS – Worst Surprise of the Year: Pedro sacrificing himself to ensure his team’s escape.

  • Best Quote of the Year: Jinbe: “There’s no way a man that intends to join the crew of the Future Pirate King will cower at a mere Yonko!”

  • Best Manga Panel of the Year:  Sanji standing above the Vinsmokes – At their table, the Vinsmoke Family are being held at gunpoint by the Charlottes. Judge responds in shock and despair, but his children are unmoved. Sanji frees all of his family from their bindings with Diable Jambe kicks.

  • Best Manga Chapter of the Year: Chapter 863 “The Honorable” – Katakuri’s powers being revealed, a hectic setting, Jinbe leaving Big Mom’s crew and declaring Luffy as Pirate King, and ending with arguably the funniest panels in the entire arc with Brook that goes up to the Carmel portrait in a Luffy disguise and shatters it with a hammer.

  • Best Anime Episode of the Year: Episode 808 “A Heartbreaking Duel – Luffy vs. Sanji – Part 2” – By a large margin. An excellent take on the dynamics of the Straw-Hats (Luffy, Nami, Sanji). Luffy declaring that he would not eat any food other than Sanji’s, and then even topping that by the heart-rending “Without you, I cannot become Pirate King.” Just brilliant stuff.


Luffy’s Haoshoku Haki compared to Shanks and Rayleigh