One Piece Chapter 1064 Spoilers – Big Mom is Dead Confirmed!


One Piece Chapter 1063 is titled Egghead Lab Phase. On the cover we see that Aokiji and Van Augur have kidnapped Pudding. “Kuzan and Augur of Blackbeard Pirates” is the title of this cover, they are also on Blackbeard Pirates ship.


Around half of the chapter is Law vs Blackbeard.

Law uses “amputate”, Blackbeard counters.

While they fight, Pudding is a hostage on the ship of Blackbeard and has awakened her 3rd eye.

She confirms Big Mom is dead

Blackbeard Pirates vs Law’s crew. They fight


Akainu heard about the ongoing fight between Law & Blackbeard on “Winner Island”.

On Egghead Island, Bonney’s rage changed the age of the group to 4.

Bonney says Kuma was sentenced to life in prison back then. She also says he’s from a special race.

Zoro and Brook stayed on the ship, but everyone else got new clothes.

At the end of the chapter, Shaka talks to Dragon. Shaka says he(Vegapunk) will probably die soon.


Every moment Zoro got hopelessly lost in the whole series

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