One Piece Chapter 1066 Spoilers – The Real Dr.Vegapunk & The Birth of the Revolutionary Army


 Chapter 1066 Title: “The will of Ohara”.

– Dragon and Vegapunk were in Ohara after World Government attack. They knew Clover.


– After the attack to Ohara, Dragon decided to form an army.

– A group of giants carried all Ohara’s books to Elbaf. That group was lead by “someone with bandages all over the body”.

– At the end of chapter, Luffy meets real Vegapunk.- Real Vegapunk: “Dragon’s son! I know you’d come!!”


More details below:

-Supposedly Vegapunk looks like Albert Einstein.

-Vegapunk’s flashback: the source of his knowledge is all the books the archeologists dropped into the lake, he also had a massive head.

-Dragon asked Vegapunk to join him but the latter think his intelligence will be better utilized in a more resourceful environment, and Vegapunk also wants to be in the World Government so he can get in touch with Marines that’ll listen.

-Dragon dislike that, saying he’ll be like a Government lapdog.

-Saul, with a group of giants, took all the books to Elbaf.

-At the end of the chapter, Luffy meets real Vegapunk inside the robot. His head is smaller compared to the flashback, he has a lid over his head.

-Vegapunk mentioned the war between the Ancient Kingdom and the 20 nations that happened in the Void Century.

The Reason why Aokiji left the Marines!

The Seraphim prove Vegapunk succeeded in Gigantification!