One Piece Final Twist: The Mysteries behind the Great Kingdom from the Void Century


Before we dive into the theory though, I would like you to keep something in mind while reading this theory. One Piece has been going for more than two decades now, it’s one of the most popular manga ever created and what happened during the Void Century is probably one of the biggest mystery of the manga popular culture.


Theories have been going for years, hints have been deciphered many times, chapters have been scrutinized times and times again… pushing the expectations for the reveal through the roof. Even if someone, somewhere was to find the truth about what happened during the Void Century, there are high chances you would still be disappointed because of your expectations or own ideas of what did happen, even if Oda himself was to confirm it.

Part 1: The relation between the D. and the winged people from the Moon


It’s not a popular theory, but many people think the D. and the winged people are somewhat related (half moon theory). It’s mostly because of the cover of the volume 27.


We see Luffy with a pair of Shandias wings, winking at the reader. On its own, this hint is light, we agree, but there are other hints in the manga that the D. and the winged people are related.

I – Dragon’s Tattoo.

Dragon is the direct enemy of the actual governement, their biggest threat and is considered the most dangerous man in the world.

His reasons behind his hatred for the governement has never been explained nor mentioned so far in the manga. Some believe Dragon hates the governement because of the nasty things they – and the Celestial Dragons – do from time to time over the world. If that’s really the only reason, what about the pirates though ? Many pirates are evil to the core and also do terrible things in the world of One Piece. Arlong wrecking havock in Eastblue, Crocodile involvement during the Alabasta events, Blackbeard pillaging Drum Islands, Doflamingo being one of the worst evil mastermind in the whole One Piece universe… If malevolent acts from the governement are the real reasons behind Dragon’s hatred for them, why doesn’t he also hate the pirates for doing despicable things too ? Isn’t it because the reasons for Dragon’s hatred toward the World Governement and the Celestial Dragons have deeper roots ?

I think his tattoo might be the key to understand his personal reasons.

I have one question for you : Why did Dragon decide to wear a tattoo on his face at one point of its life ? Do you think it’s because it makes him look cool ? Judging by who he is and how stern/serious/cold-blooded he is, it’s probably not the case. The tattoo might have an actual meaning.

In the Chapter O, Oda decided to show us that Dragon didn’t always have his tattoo on his face. The only moment we see Dragon without his tatoo is before he started his revolutionary movement. Why ? Because it’s another hint from Oda that his tattoo is important to him. It clearly implies that Dragon’s tattoo is related to his fight against the World Goverment and the nobles.

Can we push this assumption further and guess what this tattoo means ? Yes.

His tattoo isn’t a random piece of art, it’s actually a Shandia tattoo. Outside of Dragon himself, there are only two major characters with similar tattoos in the One Piece universe : Calgara and Wiper. **Bear in mind that Wiper’s and Calgara’s tattoo are quite different, despite them coming from the same tribe**

I think Dragon’s tattoo refers to his ancestors. He is of Shandia origin.

There are strong chances that Dragon learned what did happen during the void century (after all, Robin ended up with the revolutionaries during the timeskip) and he also probably learned the origin of the D. clan at somepoint. He learned – a part of – the story, was disgusted by what the twenty kindgoms presumly did to his ancestors and decided to mark his face permanently before chosing to fight back and take revenge for his people.

II – Blackbeard.

With Dragon and Luffy, Blackbeard is one of the most important character in the serie, often thought to be the final opponent Luffy will have to fight in order to find the One Piece. Try to remember, when and at what place did Luffy first met Blackbeard ? In Jaya, some chapters before Luffy goes to the Sky Islands and met with the Shandias. Yes, the last and biggest opponent of the story has been met just before we learned the winged people were real. Meeting Blackbeard at this moment of the story isn’t a coincidence. It’s another big clue from Oda.

Isn’t it strange to you that Oda chose this exact moment to introduce Blackbeard to the story ? In fact, it actually makes sens for two reasons :

– It’s a big hint from Oda that Blackbeard, being a D., he is related to the winged people.

– It heavily implies that Skypiea might be way more important than we think.

There’s an other big hint that Blackbeard – and the D in general – are related to the winged people and the moon. Oda drew Blacbeard as a child in one of the SBS of the volume 63.

In that artwork, Blackbeard is shown crying while the moon is in the background. Why is Blackbeard crying and why is the moon part of the background ? Isn’t it a hint that the moon is an important part of Blackbeard’s reasons for sadness ? You should know Oda by now.

Outside of Oda chose regarding Blackbeard introduction and child depiction, there’s also another small and subtile hint hidden in Jaya.

When Blackbeard is speaking to Luffy about the importance of dream, he said one key thing in my opinion :

Would it be great because it’s important to follow its dream or would it be great because Sky Island is related to Blackbeard and he wish personally that more people would see the winged people ?

I’m making a big assumptions here, but it’s entirely possible that – like Dragon – Blackbeard know about it’s ancestors. We already know that Blackbeard is quite educated about the world of One Piece and Oda mentioned in the SBS of volume 82 that Blackbeard’s hobbies was historical research.

In the SBS of the volume 88, it was also mentioned by Oda himself that Blackbeard real word occupation would be archeologist. Why ? Probably because with those two hits, Oda suggest Blackbeard is quite knowledgable about the story of the One Piece world and that he probably knows about the void century or at least, suggest that he knows his relation to the winged people from the moon.

If he knows about it, why doesn’t he want to go to the Sky Islands too ? Because he already knows about them. Don’t forget he’s much older than Luffy and was an important member of Whitebeard’s crew for a long time (even deemed worthy of being a commander). He probably learnt they were real by some reliable pirates (Roger’s crew).

So far, three of the most important characters in One Piece are hinted to be related to the moon and the winged people :

– Luffy, the main character and future pirate king.- Blackbeard, Luffy’s nemesis and the final villain of the story.- Dragon, the most dangerous man in the world and the governement biggest threat.

If we were to follow Oda hints, the D. in general might to be closely related to the people coming from the moon, especially the Shandias. It’s important for the rest of the theory.

Why do Luffy, Dragon, Teach, Ace, Law and all the D. in general don’t have wings ?

It’s one of the biggest mystery so far and the whole reason behind the common assumption that D. are only half descendents of the people from the moon. Also the reason why Dragon’s tattoo only cover half of his face and the reason behind the actual shape of the “D” letter. The letter could be half of a piece instand of just a simple initial.

It’s important to keep in mind that while we’re not sure all D. are related to eachothers, we know for a fact that if one member of a family is a D. all his direct descendents will also have the initial. All the members in the Monkey family that descend from Garp have a D. in their name. Garp has it, Dragon has it and Luffy has it too. Jaguar D. Saul mentioned all members of his family have the initial D. in their name and Ace did inherit the D. from his parents. While it’s an established fact that all D. direct descendents will inherit the D. initial, what would happen if Luffy decided to make a child with Nami or Robin ? It will certainly be a D. but the child would still be just « half » a D. because Nami and Robin don’t carry the D. gene. The Child would still have the initial, but because of the inheritage from his mother, it would also have his mother’s genes, thus making it a half-breed between a common human and a D. In fact, two D. making a child together would be a rare oddity. People with a D. in their name are quite rare and you can’t really decide who you fall in love with, even in the world of One Piece.

Maybe they had wings at first, but because of heavy half-breeding they just lost them after some generations mixing ? Dellinger is a half-bred, he’s half fishman and half-human, however he doesn’t have many features from Fishman, passing almost as a normal human being. Pudding is also a half-bred, half human, half three-eyes, and yet, Big mom told her that the half-breeding could prevent her from awakening the power to hear the voice of all things.

We also have yet to see a single Skypieans/Shandian/Birkan and human half-bred. So far, we’ve only seen pure race of them. Their ancestors losing their wings by half-breeding could be a possibility OR the governements might have stripped some of them of their wings for whatever reasons. Also keep in mind that Enel is from Birka and doesn’t have wings neither. He’s the proof that you can strip wings or that you can be born without them in the first place, even if you’re living in the Sky Island. That’s a lot of “if”, of course, but it’s the reason it’s just a theory.

Does this theory suggest the winged people from the Sky Island could be D. too ?

No, of course they aren’t. D. are special. They were probably part of the same people at first, but something clearly happens that made the D. who/what they are.

It’s important to note that all the D. share common traits. They all don’t fear death and they all seem to have inherited a certain will. It also seem that this will as a final purpose, a final goal. Something (an event ?) or someone made them how they are, it made them special. Of course, that doesn’t mean a winged person couldn’t be a D. Jaguar D. Saul was a D and he was a giant, afterall.

Part 2: The link between the people from the moon and the people from the Great Kingdom

There are already a lot of hints and clues in the manga that support the assumptions that the D. are closely related to the people of the Great Kingdom. It’s already part of the consensus in the community, it has been brought up many times by several intelligent people and there’s no point in discussing it further since I think we all agree with that assumption.

What is more a risky assumption to make is the possibility that the people from the moon and the people from the Great Kingdom are in fact the same people. People are often more doubtful about this link between those two people because of their expectations or personal liking, but there are many hints that support this theory.

Similar level of technology :

The people from the moon are depicted as being far more advanced than the people from One Piece earth. The constructions on the moon discovered by Enel are older than Shandora (whih is more than 1100 years old) and yet, they seem to be way more advanced than they should be. They also had small robots that they created, more than thousand years ago.

The people from the Great Kingdom are often assumed to be far more advanced than the rest of the world were back then. Pluton is the biggest proof we have. It’s a ship so dangerous that the governement doesn’t want it to fall in the wrong hands because it could “destroy the world”.

Robin discovery during the Skypiea arc :

The Skypiea arc contains the biggest clues that the people from the moon – the ancestors of the actual winged people – are closely related to the people from the Great Kingdom.

During her solo trip on Skypiea, in the chapter 272, Robin discovered that the writing on the walls of Shandora were written in the same language used on the scriptures of the poneglyph stones.

This clearly supports that the people who built Shandora, the ancestors of the Shandias named the Shandorians, were able to wrote the same language used on the poneglyph stones. Remember that Robin said herself that the Poneglyph could only be used by the people who created it, in the chapter 272. It’s confirmed at this point that the Kozuki clan were the one who constructed and carved the writings on the Poneglyph stones (chapter 818), but Robin clearly refers here to the writings, not the poneglyph stones in themselves. The creators of the langage used on the poneglyph stones are not the Kozuki Clan, but the people from the Great Kingdom.

What few people know is that Robin never mentions this walls as being a poneglyph stone. From the japanese original translation, she just said that the writings are poneglyphS on a wall. Making this scene alone one of the most important in the whole manga regarding the hidden truth about the Great Kingdom and also one of the most misunderstood. The anime and the digital colored version of the manga are partially responsible for this, since the wall in question have been colored as the same color as poneglyph stone, while in the original manga, the wall is just black and white. It made people assume that the wall in question is one of the Poneglyph stone, while it clearly isn’t. It’s important because this scene strongly implies that the people who built Shandora (The Shandorias, the people from the moon) and the people from the Great Kingdom are the same people.

Another key thing to note is that this wall is heavily cracked. It’s important since Poneglyph stone are said to be near indestructible, except for the Kozuki family that can craft those stones (Thanks for the reddit user SpaceCowboy for making the observation about the crack on the wall). This wall is defintely not a Poneglyph stone and this scene is confirmed to be one of the most – if not the most – important and misunderstood scene in the whole manga.

Judging from those two clues, it’s quite clear to me that the people who built Shandora – the Shandorians – are the same people from the Great Kingdom, or at least a part of it.

Part 3: The name of the Great Kingdom

The name of the Great Kingdom is an important piece of this theory. If the Great Kingdom is really related to the winged people and their ancestors from the moon, the name of this Great Kingdom might also be related to them.

So far, we – readers – don’t know the name of this Great Kingdom, we only know from Clover that the Great Kingdom had a name.

Unfortunately, we don’t even have a single clue about what it could be…

Wait here ! If it’s really the case, if we really don’t have a clue about what the name of the Great Kingdom might be, why did Clover was shown to us – by Oda – to be killed as soon as he did start to pronounce the name ? Why didn’t Oda want us – readers – to know the name of the Great Kingdom yet ?

There might be two major reasons :

  1. To keep a thick shroud of mystery around the Great Kingdom and show to the reader how dangerous knowledge about the Great Kingdom might be.
  2. Because the reader have already heard the name of the Great Kingdom by chapter (X) and it would have give too much away at this point of the story.

From what I gathered, it was because of reason (2). At the time of Robin’s flashback (chapter 395), the reader have already heard the name of the Great Kingdom in past chapters and that’s the reason why Oda didn’t want us to hear it. Enough with the suspens, the name of this Great Kingdom was the « Birka Kingdom ». That’s the actual reason why Oda did chose to kill Clover before we learnt about it and that’s the reason why the Gorosei member ordered Clover to be killed as soon as he started pronounced the name. If we were to know its name, it would have been way too easy to reconnect the dots and it would have killed the biggest mystery in One Piece. It was a – clever – narrative decision to prevent us from being too close to the final discovery, all the while giving us enough hints to connect the dots in the future and foreshadowing the big reveal.

Why the Birka Kingdom you may ask ? Birka was the name of Enel’s homeland in the Sky, but it was also the name of the city of the OG people from the moon, something we did learn in the chapter 472, with Enel cover story.

So far, the people from the moon and their ancestors named two places “Birka”. One city on the moon and one city on the Sky, thousand years apart.

It’s also important to note that the name “Birka” seems to be a very important one for the winged people, as they still remember this name even though the people from the sky forgot everything about their moon origin and their origins in general. The name “Birka” is one of the only thing left of the culture of the people from the moon. It is stated in the manga that the people from the Sky as of today and the people of Jaya during Calgara’s days didn’t remember their origin from the moon. Still, the name “Birka” did survive since it was the name of one of the place of Sky Island.

The name Birka is aslo exclusive to places. The name “Birkans” was never mentioned to define the race of the people from Birka in the japanese version of the manga, it was only used in the english version. So far, Birka is only the name of places and doesn’t really define the race of Enel and its pair.

Why did Oda chosed to reveal to us the name of the city on the moon in Enel cover story ? Do you think it’s an early foreshadowing of the name of the Great Kingdom or just a random information Oda threw away in one of the most cryptic Cover Story so far ? You decide.

We know Oda took inspirations in the real world to write One Piece though. In our real world, Birka is the name of one of the most important, most mysterious and oldest place of Viking scandinavia. This real world city shares many similarities with the Great Kingdom from One Piece.

  • Most of the story of this place is unknown since no texts remains.
  • The only scriptures we have left about it are pretty cryptic, the city is mentioned in what people call the “Vita Ansgari”.
  • The place fell out of grace for unknown reasons and some archeo suggests an ennemy attacks.
  • Keep in mind that Oda loves Viking and already said in interviews that he was inspired by them for a long time.

Again, are those just funny coincidences?

Part 4: The real reason why the Great Kingdom was brought down

Here goes the big final twist.

If you follow One Piece theories and predictions, you probably know about the current consensus regarding the Void Century, a consensus that is going for years now.

The consensus goes as follow : The Great Kingdom was prosperous, rich, much more advanced than the others and the twenty others kingdoms were jealous or feared them because of their ancient weapons. The Twenty Kingdoms did declare war on them for those reasons. The Twenty Kingdoms won, eradicated the people from the Great Kingdom and covered what they did by erasing every evidence, thus creating the “Void Century”. According to this consensus, the Governement are the bad guys and the people from the Great Kingdom (probably the D.) are nothing but martyrs. Those are the events we are supposed to learn when Luffy will find the Rio Poneglyph. That’s the current consensus and probably what you are also thinking.

My take on it is it’s way too obvious and straight forward to be the truth. Don’t forget that Oda is a master of surprise and like to add twist to his story.

There is obviousely an ultimate twist about the final revelation of what happened during the void century. It can be as straight forward as a good guy vs bad guy story. What would be this final twist ? What really happened ? Here’s my theory :

The people from the moon used all the resource of the moon. Then, thanks to their technology, they came to earth. So far, it’s facts we know thanks to Enel Cover Story :

It’s also important to note that they did run out of ressources and the moon right now has none of the most vital ones (again, from Enel cover story). There are no food, no water, no trees, no grass and probably no air on the moon, it’s just a big wasteland and we know for a fact the people from the moon were/are humans, as their ancestors. There are little chance they could survive without those vital ressources, which means the moon wasn’t always a big piece of wasteland, hinting that the people from the moon were entirely responsible for the moon lack of ressources.

The people from the moon descended to earth and lived the same way of life they were living while they were on the moon. They used a lot of earth’s ressource to build their Great Kingdom, named the “Bilka Kingdom”, and became one of the most prosperous and most advanced kingdom on earth. They were feared, respected, maybe even thought to be angels coming from the heaven. They probably shared a lot with the world since the D. are known to have good hearts. Unfortuantely, it all came at a serious price : they were ruining the earth ressources and messing with the climate.

The native people from the earth began to notice that the earth was running short on ressources, but it wasn’t the only thing that was concerning them. The climate was also changing, provoking katastroph around the world. The weather became instable, the waves were bigger than before, some random upward and violent streams appeared randomly, the magnet poles were going crazy… There were a lot of alarming clues that something was going wrong. Despite the other kingdoms concerns, the people from the Great Kingdom refused to change their lifestyle. Those people shared some common traits of the D. that we know of : they were carefree, stubborn and cocky. Concerns became warning and when the warning were also ignored, the conflict escalated to something worse.

The twenty kingdom forged an alliance and they started a war against the Great kingdom in order to prevent the earth to become like the moon ; a big wasteland. The D. were probably dominating at first, but ultimately they were brought down and the twenty kingdom started a genocide.

Here’s the final big twist : it’s not a “good” vs “evil” fight, it’s much more complicate and nuanced than that.

There’s two big hints that supports this part of the theory.

The mistake of Roger’s crew and the Ohara’s scholars :

When Rayleigh tell the Strawat crew about the void century back in Shabondy, he said a key thing, a key that might be the biggest clue of what really happened during the void century.

But why were they “hasty” ? What were their conclusions ? Actually, it’s probably the same as yours : the governement being the bad guys and the people from the Great Kingdom being the good guys, the martyrs. That’s the actual consensus in the One Piece community and that consensus is probably a mistake. What happened during the conflict of the void century is much more complicated and the World Governement’s actions might have been for legit reasons.

Oh and you want to know something great ? This is the cover (52) of the volume where Rayleigh speak about the void century and the hastiness of Roger’s crew about their conclusions.

Rayleigh position and attitude mirror Luffy on the cover of the volume 27. Same position on the cover and same wink. Is it just a mere coincidence that it’s the cover of the volume where Rayleigh give us a big clue about what happened during the void century ? Or is it just another strong hint from Oda ? Again, you decide.

Garp and Sengoku :

Those two characters aren’t bad guys by any means. They have hearts and they both have a strong sens of justice. If you think about it, there are very little chances those two characters don’t know the hidden story of the void century. Garp is a legend among marines, he knew Roger quite well and Roger respected him, going as far as entrusting his only child to him. Sengoku was the most important man of the Marines and one of the most important and respected figure of the world of One Piece, only behind the mysterious King, the Gorosei and Kong, the commander-in-chief. Also, Rosinante (the man who Sengoku raised as his child) was quite knowledgable about the origin of the initial D. and its meaning, going as far as mentioning that « in a certain land, the D. were the natural ennemies of the Celestial Dragon », which clearly refers to the battle of the Great Kingdom and the Twenty OG Kingdom.

If Rosinante knew that much, what about Sengoku ?

There is a problem here though. If you go along with the consensus in the One Piece community, the World Governement and the Celestial Dragons are hiding an immense genocide and are – still to this day – responsible for the death of many people in order to cover the missing pieces of history. The marines directly serve the World Governement and the Celestial Dragons (the admirals show up as soon as you touch or threatened one of them). Why are Garp and Sengoku so loyal to the World Governement and the Marine then ?

There are absolutely no doubts that Garp and Sengoku have a very strong sens of justice. Would they serve the World Governement as faithfully as they did if they thought they both were standing on the bad side of the fence ? Sengoku did part from the marines as soon as the World Governement decided to hid the escape of many dangerous prisoners from level 6, but he never resigned from the marine before, even though he certainly knows what happened during the void century.

If those two characters respected the marine and the World Governement, it’s because they know the real reasons why the governement drove a total war against the Great Kingdom. They know the war was fought for legit reasons or at least, that it wasn’t really a black/white conflict. The World Governement still doesn’t want the people to know the world they live in was built on the ashes of a giant genocide, but the reasons behind the initial conflict were still legit.

I think it’s not a coincidence neither if Sengoku had been presented by Oda as the character who gave the Buster Call rights to bombard Ohara to Spandine. It was another hint from Oda. Sengoku had no problem with the murder of hundred of innocent people, because in his mind, it was made to protect people from learning the truth and damaging the world (again). Sengoku was ruthless, but only because he always wanted to protect the people of the world.

Sengoku even called Whitebeard a bastard for saying outloud that the One Piece was real. Did he have this reaction because it would encourage people to become pirate and go after the One Piece or was it because it could lead to the dangerous truth being discovered and the world being damaged even further ? Again, you decide.

Bonus : Red Line

The theory is not over, bear with me. There’s a very popular theory which state that Luffy will destroy the redline at some point, exactly where Mary Geoise is. I think it’s obvious by now that it’s actually where the story is heading. This theory is one of the most solid so far. One part of this theory go as follow :

Luffy will reunite the four seas into one by destroying the Redline, Mariejois and Fisherman Island, fullfilling the Shyarly’s prophecy and creating one sea, One Piece (some even suggets All Blue). Which makes perfect sens to me.

If that’s what supposed to happen, we still have to understand why Luffy’s inherited will is to destroy the redline. Some suggest that it’s just to free fish-men from the below of the sea, some suggest it’s to reunite the sea and the people, but it leaves way too much to be answered and it’s way too simple overall. My theory is that the redline was created by the twenty kingdoms alliance during the conflict with the Great Kingdom, hence why the Celestial Dragons are called the “architect of the world”. That’s the reason Luffy’s will coming from his ancestors is to destroy the redline. The people from the Great Kingdom messed up the climate, the weather and the way the sea was behaving and the twenty kingdoms had to fix things up the best they could. They created the Redline to somewhat « fix » the critical situation and that might even be the reason the conflict escalated so quickly between the twenty kingdoms and the Great Kingdom. The Great Kingdom felt this redline was separating people too much and that was probably conflicting with their ideal of freedom (shared by the D. today). For all the places around the vast world of One Piece, the World Governement chose the center of the Redline for his headquarter and the house of Celestial dragons. Yes, the centerpiece of the redline is the most important place of the World Governement and the place where the ancestors of the twenty kingdoms kings live. Why ? It can’t just be a coincidance.

Bonus II: Enel

This one is clearly a bold assumption and mostly done on instinct, there’s not a lot to support it and it’s a riskier theory than the rest, but here we go :

Enel was the main antagonist of Skypiea, the central piece of the theory I have presented in this – long – post. He also happens to be the main character of one of the most important and most cryptic cover story, a cover story that brings some fuel to my theory about the void century. I think it makes sens to try to draw a link between him and the theory as a whole.

Antagonists of grand arcs are importants in One Piece. They’re characters Oda like to bring back to the story each time he has the occasion to do so. Arlong was featured in Jimbe flashback, Crocodile was under the spotlights during the Marineford war arc and Lucci is back in the story thanks to the Reverie. Enel is one of them, thus making him de facto an important character for the serie. Yet, his impact on the story is minimal. What could be is importance then ?

If you’ve followed the theory so far, the Skypiea arc might be one of the most important arc in the whole serie when it comes to understand what happened during the void century. We could theorize that Enel is also important to understand what happened. That’s where my instinct kick-in.

I think the conflict between Enel and the shandias (and the winged people in general) is a smart foreshadowing of what will be revealed int he future about the Void Century. It’s a foreshadowing of the big reveal about the conflict between the people from the Great Kingdom and the Celestial Dragons. It’s the main purpose of the Skypiea arc : introduce us to a part of the ancient conflict and ease the understanding of the reveal to come. During Skypiea Enel played the role of the Celestial Dragons and the Shandias were playing the role their ancestors : the Shandorians.

If you really think of it, Enel has a lot in common with the Celestial Dragon. He’s easily one of the most despicable villain in the whole serie, if not the most despicable one. Even Lucci, Crocodile and Arlong – as ruthless and evil as they were – had some redeeming qualities. Enel has none, he’s pure evil, which is quite rare in the world One Piece. He reminds me a lot of Doflamingo, who’s probably the only character on par with Enel’s pure evilness and malevolant nature.

So far, Enel has also been shown as a dangerous psychopath with a god complex, much like the Celestial Dragons themselves. He brears a striking physical likeness to Doflamingo and Rosinante (even though he is probably not from the same family) and he has a sens of fanciness quite similar to the Celestial Dragons. He also assumes everything is him to take because he has a right over anyone and everything, something Celestial Dragons also assume and that Oda has shown many times. I think it’s not a coincidance if Enel was chosen to be the antagonist of Skypiea.

Could Enel be a Celestial Dragon orphan ? It doesn’t really matter to make him a central piece of this theory, but he could still be, yes. It happens that he’s the only character from Skypiea to not have a pair of wings on his back. He was also shown as showing no remorse when he destroyed Birka, his homeland. Two hints that might suggest he could have been adopted and might have been one of the Celestial Dragon initially. Like I said, on its own, this part of the theory is one of the weakest point since the elements are thin, but be honest, if someone had told you Traflagar Law was a D, because of whatever clues they had back then before it was confirmed, you would have laugh too.

FAQs :

1 – The Shandias on Jaya were living there after the void century and are the direct descendents of the Shandorians, who are part of the people from the Great Kingdom according to the theory. Why did the governement didn’t go after them if they’re ancestors to their greatest threats ?

The Shandias from Jaya were descendants of the Shandorians that built Shandora and the people from the moon. The twenty Kingdom actually did attack and made Shandora fall during the void century. Robins discovered it by reading the poneglyph on Shandora that an “enemy” actually “destroyed Shandora 800 years ago” (chapter 261)

The Shandias from Jaya are the only remaining survivors. As to why they’re not dead or persecuted : the World Governement made sure to erase all scriptures and traces left of the Great Kingdom and Shandorias (the only informations left are on the poneglyph and the moon). We know this thanks to Robin, chapter 272. Which would explain why the Shandias have strange gods and don’t know where they come from, the knowledge about their ancestors is mostly gone and they’re not a threat anymore.

Plus, it was 400 years ago and the world govermenent technology was far worse than it is now (they didn’t had Vegapunk back then). From what we can gather, Noland Montblanc was the first outsider to set a foot on Jaya and met the Shandias. The King of Vira didn’t know about them and they were not on a single piece of historical record since Noland was thought to be a liar and remained a liar for centuries. If there was any historical record, just a single proof of the Shandias existence, Noland reputation would have come clean at some point.

– If the winged people living currently in Sky Island are the Great kindgom people’s ancestors, why the governements don’t go after them ?

Because they’re a myth and the void century is many hundreds of years old. The people living in the sky have only have very rare interractions with the people from the sea, they don’t even know gold is worth more than earth and the people from the blue-sea mock everyone who believe in their existances. The winged people from the Sky Islands know about the blue sea people, but the people from the blue-sea consider them as a myth.

They might also be rare survivors from the Great Kingdom. Think of it 5 seconds : why those people would live in the sky in the first place ? Isn’t it to hid themselves from the claws of the governement ?

– Does this theory fit the official timeline ?

Yes, of course. We know the people from the moon departed for Earth before the great war, since Shandora was around 1100 years ago. Shandora was “brought down” by an “enemy” during the void century.

The timeline is :

  • More than 1100 years ago : The people from the moon depart for the blue sea.
  • 1100 years ago : Shandora is built by the people from the moon, the Shandorians.
  • 900 years ago : The void century begins.
  • 800 years ago : Shandora is destroyed (Chapter 261), the void century ends and the world governement is born.

*Theory by Debian47


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