One Piece is closer than ever to a Marineford War 2.0


As we get closer to the end, Oda pulls his strings together way way faster. The pacing in One Piece these last few weeks has been incredible, so brilliantly executed that I have trouble keeping track of everything that is happening right now. Hence I had to write everything down to ease my mind.

Please find below a series of Highlighted events currently active in the manga.

I. Blackbeard & Beehive Island Thread

Captain Koby has been abducted, now detained on Beehive Island.


The Hero Garp is on its way to Beehive to save Koby.

Blackbeard though, is currently fighting Law in the sea (mild reminder, Aokiji is now working with him).


Among his prisoners lies also Pudding (she might unlock her powers and decrypt Poneglyphs).


Even Gecko Moria is on Beehive Island.

II. Individuals on Their Move

Now a structured organization, Cross Guild is up and running, definitely on the verge of doing something.

Shanks has finally decided to take the One Piece (whatever that means), some can argue he will first start a skirmish with Bartholomeo, for the latter attacked one of his territories.

PX-Kuma flees the Revolutionary Army HQ to climb the Red Line, in a desperate attempt to reach Marie Geoise (we can assume Dragon & co will try to chase after him ?).

But they have other worries, Sabo’s last appearance being on this blasted island:

The same Sabo rumored to have kidnaped Princess Vivi.

Kid reaches Elbaf (meeting soon, we hope, Jaguar D. Saul, confirmed alive recently).

Miss Buckingham Stussy is hinting at a potential rescue operation for Weevil (Marco might get involved?).

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