ONE PIECE is truly in the Endgame

  • 1-Luffy, the Straw Hats, Vegapunk, and Bonney vs Seraphims, Kizaru, the Elder Saturn, CP0, York, and over 100 Marine Warships at Egghead Island
  • 2-Kid, Killer, and the Kid Pirates being eradicated by Shanks, Red-Hair Pirates and the Giants Dory and Broggy near the coasts of Elbaf
  • 3-Law and the Heart Pirates vs Blackbeard, Burgess, Auger, and Doc Q with Stronger at Winner Island
  • 4-Garp, Koby, Helmeppo, Tashigi, and other SWORD Marines vs Blackbeard Pirates (Shiryu, Pizarro, Shot, Wolf) and their allied crews at Hachinosu/Fullalead
  • 5-Perona and Koby trying to rescue Moria who’s imprisoned at Hachinosu/Pirate Island
  • 6-Ryokugyu capturing Weevil at Sphinx Island
  • 7-Crocodile and Mihawk with Buggy forming the Cross Guild at Emptee Bluffs Island and hunting Marines
  • 8-Hancock and the Kuja Pirates protecting Amazon Lily from the Navy raids with the help of Rayleigh and Shakuyaku
  • 9-Judge (with the support of Germa 66 and his Vinsmoke Family) and Caesar Clown allying again and forming “Neo-MADS”
  • 10-Vivi on the run with Wapol, hunted by the World Government, and hidden by Big News Morgans on his airship
  • 11-Kuma climbing the Red Line to reach Mary Geoise while being attacked by the Marines at the Red Port
  • 12-A unit of the Blackbeard Pirates (most likely Aokiji, Lafitte, Devon, maybe even the secret Tenth Titanic Captain) reaching Egghead.
  • 13-Sabo on the run, escaping Mary Geoise and being hunted by the World Government.
  • 14-Imu erasing Lulusia Kingdom.

So many big and shocking events are simultaneously happening throughout the Grand Line.

And we have yet to see what other big shots will do, Dragon, Akainu, Sengoku, Fujitora, Doflamingo, Enel, Smoker, Urouge, etc…

This is truly the endgame.

*by West_Conclusion_1239

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