ONE PIECE Netflix Live Action – Why They Nailed It!


Overall the show is such a lot of fun and truly is a amazing adaptation to Oda’s amazing work of art. I cannot stress enough that any fan of One Piece should and will love it.

First of all, the story is almost one to one with the East Blue Saga. Yes, some thing have been changed, such as Garp and Koby having a much bigger role in this that in the Manga or Anime at that point in the story, but I don’t mind it much as I like how they handle both in this with Garp refusing to let Luffy be a Pirate by any means and Coby following his conviction on being a marine.


Also they did give more time and less time to some characters that had important in the manga like Don Creed is just a cameo and Arlong has a much more screen time to set him up as the final Antagonist.

There were other changes too like how the battle with Ax Morgan, Buggy and Kuro were set up, but I didn’t mind the changes as they helped with telling the same story in a way that fits the medium.

Also what was the highlight of the story were the iconic scenes brought to live action such as Zoro Vs Mihawk, the Straw Hats backstories, Zeff’s goodbye to Sanji, Zoro’s othe to Luffy, the Lord of the Coast scene and finally the scene that truly made this series a classic to begin with “Luffy, Help Me” was done justice. If this keeps up, I cannot wait to see more classic like “Vivi’s Farewell”, “Men Die When Their Forgotten”, “I Want To Live” and “Gomen ne”


Next are the Effects and in all honesty, they weren’t the best effects that I’ve seen, but I’ve seen worse and it is used sparingly and only when necessary. But the Sets and makup design is such sight to behold and truly deserves praise, it give us the world in a way that’s familiar yet different enough to fit in Live Action. From the ships to the villages and of course the Baratie is the highlight of how far the team went on the set designs.


Next I wanna talk about the soundtrack. Overall, I liked it, I can’t say I love it like the anime soundtrack, but it’s still good and some scores were really catchy. And whenever they do instrumentals of We Are, it always got a tears to my eyes. Finally I wanna shout out the final song in the last episode, cause it was great and definitely something I’m gonna listen to more often.

Finally the Characters, all I can say is these were the very same characters we came to know and love done the very justice they deserve. First of all Iñkai is Luffy, no if or what’s about it. He is Monkey D. Luffy and nails everything he does from his child like charm to the serious badass Pirate we all have come to love. The rest of the Straw Hats were also amazing, from Mackenyu’s serious yet loyal Zoro, Emily’s serious yet tragic Nami, Jacobs cowardly yet Lovable Usopp and Taz’s charming yet dorky Sanji.

In fact every actor gave their all to the Characters they played, I love Jeff’s deranged yet funny Buggy, Stevens calm yet badass Mihawk, Vincent’s gentle yet terrifying Garp, Craig’s strick yet caring Zeff, Morgan’s cowardly yet kind Koby, McKinley’s terrifying yet cunning Arlong and finally Peters cool yet lovable Red Hair Shanks. Everyone nailed it!

*by RealAussieGeekBray

The Producers of ONE PIECE Netflix Live Action hope to develop 12 Seasons!

What do you think of this cast for the upcoming Season 2?