One Piece Power Ranking Chart


I was thinking about power levels in One Piece. So I put together a chart of all of the OP characters I could think of and gave them a power level on a scale of 1 to 100 (by smallest increments of 0.5).

Category 1 – Yonko Level (100)


  • 100 – Red Haired Shanks – Yonko Status
  • 100 – Marshall D. Teach Blackbeard – Yonko Status
  • 100 – Charlotte Linlin Bigmom – Yonko Status
  • 100 – Kaido – Yonko Status

Category 2 – Admiral Level (90-99)

  • 99 – Monkey D. Dragon – So much foreshadowing, head of Revolutionary Army, Bloodline (Son of Garp, Father of Luffy), “world’s most dangerous criminal”. Have a feeling that he is not the type of person to fear any person 1v1.
  • 95 – Sakazuki Akainu – Promoted to fleet admiral by defeating Kuzan. Huge damage potential shown in Marinford arc including 1v1 battle with injured Whitebeard and his crew.
  • 95 – Monkey D. Garp – Despite old age, went toe to toe with Gol D. Roger in his prime.
  • 94.5 – Sengoku the Buddha – Only 2 years or so since he was fleet admiral.
  • 94 – Kuzan Aokiji – Defeated by Akainu in 1v1 combat but took 10 days. Near equal to Sakazuki in strength. Very curious about why he allied with Blackbeard as Aokiji is so powerful, a true alliance is comparable to 2 Yonkou’s joining forces.
  • 93 – Boralino Kizaru – Always thought Kizaru was slightly below Kuzan and Akainu.
  • 93 – Silvers Rayleigh – Despite old age, it seems like he is still on Kizaru’s level given their physical and verbal exchange on Shabondy.
  • 92 – Issho Fujitora – Shown to be extremely powerful. But I think he is still silghtly below original 3 admirals.
  • 92 – Dracule Mihawk – I have mihawk slightly below Rayleight because I don’t think Luffy would be trained by someone weaker than Zoro’s trainer. But acknolwedge Mihawk is extremely strong as he is the strongest swordsman in the world. Have not seen him go all out yet.

Category 3 – Shichibukai / Yonkou Commanders (75-89)


  • 89.5 – Marco the Phoenix – Even admiral level opponents would have to think twice about starting a fight with Marco. But was no match against Blackbeard crew.
  • 88 – Sabo – Curb stomped Burgess of Blackbeard pirates and I believe he is still stronger than Luffy.
  • 85 – Shiliew of the Rain – Said to be equal of Magellan.
  • 85 – Magellan – Magellan has an OP fruit and is the guard of the most powerful level 6 prisoners.
  • 85 – Luffy – Defeated Big Mom’s top commander. 1,500,000,000 beli bounty.
  • 84.5 – Charlotte Katakuri – Strongest opponent with highest bounty that Luffy has faced. Big Mom first commander.
  • 84 – Diamond Jozu – Whitebeard 2nd in command. Lost an arm fighting Kuzan.
  • 82 – Charlotte Smoothie – Stronger than Cracker, weaker than Katakuri.
  • 81 – Doflamingo – Fearful of Big Mom and her crew. But one of the strongest Shichibukai.
  • 80.5 – Bartholomew Kuma – Seems like his fruit is OP but have not seen him much in actual combat though so hard to say how powerful he is actually.
  • 80 – Enel – Has very powerful fruit and early foreshadowing of observation haki. Don’t think Luffy would have been able to defeat Enel if he was not immune to the electricity.
  • 79.5 – Trafalgar Law – Fearful of Doflamingo and knows how powerful yonko and their crews are.
  • 79 – Charlotte Cracker – Weakest Big Mom commander.
  • 79 – Jinbe – Haven’t seen him go all out, so it is hard to predict what his cap is but I think he is at least as strong as Big Mom’s weakest commander.
  • 79 – Roronoa Zoro – Haven’t seen Zoro be able to go all out against a superior opponent, but I am assuming he has not shown the full results of his training under Mihawk.
  • 77 – Jesus Burgess – Blackbeard 1st commander but overmatched against Sabo.
  • 77 – Uroge – Defeated former Big Mom commander
  • 77 – Eustass Kid – Had one of the highest bounty of worst generation before getting imprisoned by Kaido.
  • 76.5 – Crocodile – Held his own in Marineford Arc against premier opponents.
  • 76 – Emporio Invakov – Very resilient and powerful in his fight scenes.
  • 76 – Boa Hancock – Haven’t seen her go all out but I assume she is one of the weaker shichibukai.
  • 75.5 – Sanji – Member of original big 3 and has powerful techniques. May be receiving some high tech upgrades in the future.
  • 75 – Gekko Moriah – The weakest Shichibukai imo (other than Buggy). Got destroyed by Doflamingo.

Category 4 – Below Shichibukai (1-60)


  • 74 – Rob Lucci – Vey physically powerful enemy. May have increased strength since defeat by Luffy now as member of CP-0.
  • 74 – Bege Capone – Infiltrated Big Mom crew, obtaining high position.
  • 74 – X Drake – Joined Kaido’s crew.
  • 73 – Scratchman Apoo – Plays music.
  • 72.5 – Cavendish – Showed fighting ability in Dressrosa arc.
  • 72.5 – Smoker – Got destroyed by Donflamingo. I don’t think he could handle any shichibukai 1v1.
  • 72 – Basil Hawkins – Worst Generation member, seems like one of the weaker ones though.
  • 72 –Bartolomeo the Cannibal – Has a very powerful defensive fruit.
  • 71 – Caesar Clown – Manhandled by Straw Hat big three but has a logia. Deathly afraid of Donflamingo.
  • 70 – Hody – Fishman punching bag for post time skip Luffy.
  • 70 – Franky – I think he will become much stronger if he learns haki or confirm he has learned it.
  • 69 – Sai – Seemed to be one of the stronger members of Straw hat pirate fleet.
  • 68 – Leo – Has lot of strength compared to his size with a devil fruit to boot.
  • 66 – Brook – Has pretty good sword skills and unique fruit ability.
  • 65 – Hajrudin – Seemed to be one of the weaker members of Straw Hat pirate fleet.
  • 65 – Ideo – Seemed to be one of the weaker members of Straw Hat pirate fleet.
  • 65 – Nico Robin – Cannot take much damage.
  • 65 – Buggy – I think Buggy would be a lot stronger if he wasn’t so dumb.
  • 64 – Usopp – Usopp can take surprisingly large amount of damage and has unlocked his observation haki.
  • 60 – Orlumbus – Seemed to be one of the weaker members of Straw Hat pirate fleet.

Yonko Commander Level people will still be a lot of trouble for Luffy but I see them as power level peers now. There is still a huge gap from Luffy’s current state to becoming PIRATE KING. Comparing the power difference between Luffy and any Yonko now is like the power difference between Caesar Clown or Bartolomeo to Luffy. Many more power ups will be needed and I’m excited to see the growth!

If you look at Luffy’s crew by itself, there’s no way they can compare to a Yonko’s crew yet. But if you count in the powerful people he has received assistance from and may ally with in the future (Shanks, Dragon, Rayleigh, Mihawk, Marco, Sabo, Jozu) – you could say that Luffy has the most fearsome and strongest relationships in the whole OP universe!

*by Epikhigh

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