“One Piece: Stampede” New Trailer & Oda’s Comment


One Piece: Stampede is scheduled to be released in Japan on August 9, 2019. It will commemorate the anime’s 20th anniversary.

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The movie takes place during the Pirates Expo, “made by pirates, for pirates”, where pirates all over the world, including some of its most infamous ones, join in for a big treasure hunt to find a lost treasure, this time the treasure belonged to none other than Gold Roger!

With its debut inching closer and closer, Oda himself commented:


This film marks the debut in film of several characters, among which are: Buggy, Alvida, Cabaji, Mohji, Richie, Galdino, Dracule Mihawk, Smoker, Tashigi, Marshall D. Teach, Foxy, Perona, Trafalgar Law, Eustass Kid, Killer, Jewelry Bonney, Capone Bege, Basil Hawkins, Scratchmen Apoo, Urouge, X Drake, Sentomaru, Boa Hancock, Cavendish, and Bartolomeo.

Here’s the new trailer of the movie:

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