Onigashima is meant to prove that the Straw Hats are finally worthy of being considered the crew of the Next Pirate King!


In the last chapter Nico Robin finally showed her post-timeskip abilities against Black Maria.
We came to know that during the two-year timeskip, Robin was taught Fish-Man Karate fundamentals in the context of palm strikes by Koala of the Revolutionary Army. Since then, Robin has learned how to incorporate the effects of Fish-Man Karate into her usual fighting style of sprouted limbs, allowing her to break structures with ease through precise palm strikes.


Robin unleashed first a new technique, Gigante Fleur, to create a massive clone of herself with many arms. Then she used a brand new form called Demonio Fleur, becoming a gigantic dark-colored demon with wings. Demonio Fleur allowed Robin to grapple Black Maria’s giant body and many spider legs in what she called the “Grand Jacuzzi Clutch” that leaved the Tobi Roppo(the strongest members of the Beasts Pirates after the 3 Calamities) completely defeated.

Nami recently had an awesome power-up. Since Big Mom abandoned Zeus for good after he struggled during the fighting on Onigashima, replacing him with another Cloud homie named Hera, Zeus went back to Nami’s ownership for good, with his soul currently inhabiting her Sorcery Clima-Tact.
With the Sorcery Clima-Tact now a sentient weapon, this further enhances its abilities of Zeus being able to change the Clima-Tact to more combat-oriented forms to help aid Nami and can temporarily transfer his consciousness to the clouds that Nami summons, which not only allows him to take on a similar appearance to his former cloud form, but also be enabling him to take control of Nami’s attacks, making them harder to avoid. Thanks to Zeus Nami was able to defeat Ulti, a Topi Roppo of the Beasts Pirates.


Also Jinbe was able to defeat a Tobiroppo (Who’s-Who). We have seen how Jinbe is an extremely skilled and powerful user of Armament Haki. He is also able to coat his entire body with Armament Haki.


Franky showed how he is able to level the playing field against Haki/Devil Fruit users with his tech and strategies. Franky blasts Sasaki (another Tobi Roppo) in his belly with Radical Beam, knocking him unconscious.
Lots of people seem to think Haki is the ultimate power system in One Piece. It’s a power system, but only one of many, and it’s not necessarily stronger than the others. A lot depends on the user. You’ve got various levels of Devil Fruit abilities, various levels of Haki, various levels of Tech, and various levels of the random esoteric martial arts that show up occasionally, and on average, they’re all pretty much equal.

Sanji is having no problem dealing with hybrid Queen, the 2nd strongest Commander of the Beasts Pirates, without even needing to use the raid suit.

Zoro unleashed Conqueror’s Haki. He strengthened his “Kyutoryu: Asura” using Armament and Conqueror’s Haki, which allowed him to leave a permanent scar on the “Strongest Creature” Kaido in his hybrid-dragon form.

This raid will not be Marineford 2.0. That’s what has been in the works in the background this whole time with the Reverie incident, the Revolutionary Army, the World Government’s new weapon, Blackbeard on the move, Shanks as well.

“We split up and trained all over the world for this”

“You’re pitting yourselves against the new generation now”

This is what it’s about. Our crew showing they belong here, Whole Cake Island ended with Morgans declaring Luffy the 5th Emperor which was met mainly by skepticism and rage from three of the others. This raid is a showcase of our crew and how they have grown, not Marineford where our captain was nothing but an ant among monsters.

Top Marines are definitely not weaker than Top Pirates

Did Katakuri free Jinbe and Germa?