Ope Ope no Mi has the potential to take away Devil Fruit powers?


It’s something I’ve been thinking about for a while now, ever since Punk Hazard and recently with the Whole Cake Island Arc as we learn how Big Mom got the Soru Soru no Mi. And it lead me to wonder something.


Law’s Ope Ope no Mi can affect things as abstract as being able to switch people’s very souls into different bodies.

And as we’ve seen with Big Mom’s origin story, apparently a Devil Fruit power can be gained by [shudders] eating it’s container regardless if it’s in Fruit form. So it’s apparently connected enough to count as just another part of the body.
My question is, can Ope Ope no Mi transplant Devil Fruit powers from the current user and place them into someone else or even into another fruit that could be consumed later?
It seems to me that it could be possible based on what we saw on Punk Hazard with the whole transplanting souls using Shambles. What do you think?

*Theory by MathiasDante02

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