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    Top 10 Best Mentors In One Piece

    #10 – FISHER TIGER Fisher Tiger was the founder and original captain of the Sun Pirates. He was very idealistic, making the principles of liberation and freedom the basics of the Sun Pirates.Jinbe enlisted in the Neptune Army until the rebellion of his mentor Fisher Tiger take him to join the Sun Pirtaes. At first […] More

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    Oda Revealed What the One Piece Isn’t

    Upon asking Oda whether the ending of One Piece was already determined, Oda answered: Eiichiro Oda: “Yes, I already decided on how it’s going to end. Should I tell you now?” Momoko Sakura: “Well, I want to know, but I probably shouldn’t. But, the One Piece, it’s not something like “the growth your heart went […] More

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    Luffy will get the Highest Bounty after Wano surpassing the 4 Emperors!

    First, lets talk about Blackbeard: He started with a bounty of zero and no reputation before it jumped to 2.2 billion which would account for: beating Ace (well maybe, since this was in exchange for a Warlord position); stealing Impel Down prisoners; beating Whitebeard and his crew while also taking his territories: beating a Supernova, Jewelry Bonney (the World Government […] More

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    All 11 Devil Fruit Powers That Returned Into Circulation

    Soru Soru no Mi that belonged to Carmel who mysteriously disappeared, but confirmed to be dead. Power obtained by Charlotte Linlin through unknown means. Mane Mane no Mi that belonged to Kurozumi Higurashi who was killed by Kaido. Fruit eventually obtained by Bentham. Bari Bari no Mi that belonged to Kurozumi Semimaru who died through […] More

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    Oda’s Foreshadow You’ve Probably Never Noticed Before!

    Everyone knows Oda is a master when it comes to foreshadowing, as this can be seen often times throughout the series in many different aspects of the show. For example, Haki is referenced innumerable times before being officially introduced – from Shanks’ first use of Conqueror’s Haki against a Sea King to his Conqueror’s Haki […] More

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    Marine’s Power-Up is Inevitable

    The New World is showing it Strength. And Marines are about to show that they have LEVELED UP. In the 1st Half of GrandLine (Paradise) every pirate knew to avoid powerful Marines. Most wouldn’t even pick a fight with a Vice Admiral let alone a Marine Admiral. However, It was made clear from the Beginning, […] More

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    Zoro’s Final Opponent will NOT be Mihawk

    Hey guys, today I present you a theory about Dracule Mihawk being defeated as the world’s greatest swordsman and thus causing Zoro’s final enemy being the guy who defeated Mihawk. Defeated by who??? Shanks? Shiryu? Fujitora? I believe it’s possible that Mihawk gets defeated by a member of the Gorosei, the bald, monk-like one. So first […] More

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    Several points that make me think that Shanks is the Yonko who owns Elbaf’s island. In this theory, I will claim the points that make me think that the protector of the island of Elbaf is currently the Yonko Shanks. I – New World Territories Functioning Elbaf is the island of the Giants species in […] More

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    Oda revealed the Devil Fruits that best suit Zoro, Nami, Sanji, Usopp and Franky!

    Question: If Zoro, Nami, Usopp, Sanji, and Franky were to become ability users, then what kind of fruit do you think they would have eaten? -P.N. 420-land Oda: I see, that’s quite a fun question~. Hmmm… what I would like to see is… Zoro: Uo Uo no Mi, Model: Seiryu (Fish Fish Fruit, Mythical Type Model: Seiryuu), a Mythical Zoan-type Devil Fruit that allows the […] More

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    Kaido’s abilities are so far criminally underestimated!

    Oda has made it pretty clear that Kaido is the strongest in the series, but many act like he’d get stomped by Prime Rayleigh/Roger/Whitebeard/Garp/Oden/Shiki etc. In my opinion, Kaido is the 4th strongest pirate to ever exist (after Rocks, Roger and Whitebeard). His bounty is literally the 3rd highest ever known. Kaido is one of […] More

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    Yamato will inherit Kaido’s Will at the end of the Wano Arc

    Kaido has been an enigmatic character since he appeared. We know that he believes that death completes a person, so it’s reasonable to guess that he’s concerned with his legacy. As the Kaido-Yamato battle has continued, it has become clear that Kaido does not take Yamato lightly, so I believe that Kaido may, despite everything, […] More

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    Oda revealed that Ulti and Page One were adopted by Kaido

    Question: Are Ulti and Page One real siblings? Page One seems to call her with a term that feels more like it could also be said to an older female friend, not just big sister, so I’m very curious about the two! Oda: Yeah, they are brother and sister. It appears their father was a […] More

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    Admiral Green Bull is Shimotsuki Ushimaru?!!

    When introduced, Admiral Ryokugyu has claimed not to have eaten anything in three years. When Ushimaru said “samurai do not get hungry” it would create the possibility of the Admiral Ryokugyu (Green Bull) being a samurai thus allowing the possibility of him being Ushimaru. If you look at the shadow figure of Green Bull saying […] More

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