Plot Progression of Wano and Future Arcs


The current Wano arc prognosed:


From the panels before we know that gathering the alliance is a huge part in this. But the main goal is not taking out on Kaido, as Kine’mon said, they don’t want to wage a war on Wano. They just want to take out the commanders of Kaido residing on Wano Kuni.
That way while we are on Wano, we won’t take down Kaido and hence the Beast Pirates won’t fall until the said Raid.

Oda bolded all those words, but for what? Because they will be RELEVANT in future, and in context.

I believe that the “Wano arc” as we supposed to think about it, will not just be the “Wano arc”. I believe similar to Water 7 and Enies Lobby, this will be a double-arc, hence 2 arcs.

So Wano in my eyes will resolve following topics imho:

  • The conflict of the Shogun and the Kouzuki clan, hence we got all neccessary informations set up, during the current arc, I hardly believe that anything of this will be taken into Onigashima.
  • Confronting the Beast Pirates sieging the country, this already happened and for example Sanji vs Page One was used in order to scale Sanji for the future.
  • Possible reveals of Poneglyphs, as we know this is linked to both Nico Robin, the Kouzukis and the Shogun plotline as we know from the recent chapters.
  • Creating a full alliance under the control of Luffy/Kine’mon, it is speculative to say the Supernovas will join up together, but we know everyone makes moves according to Kine’mons plans and we have possible allies like Kyoshiro, Kiku, Komurasaki and others…the clan of “K”s. lol
  • Linking Big Mom into the Kaido conflict, and yes I think Wano has space for Big Mom and her crew to rampage and evolve. Kid and other Supernovas are delivering the perfect source of conflict.

I don’t see any place for a “big war” here on Wano…that’s why we can have a full arc, in the length of Marineford on ONIGASHIMA!

The possible “Onigashima Island arc”:

‚ÄčAt this point we take the 2 weeks deadline into consideration, and alot already happened just within 5 days. 2 more days until the Reverie concludes and 1 more week time to set up more events!
Yes, the CP-0 dealing with Shogun, this is what confirms us the World Governments buisness, also their fear of the Yonko during the first day of the Reverie showcased, let us conclude one thing. The Marines will profit from Kaido’s crush and well, if Blackbeard knows, then the World Government will most-likely also know, they might take the opportunity, without endangering Wano itself.

They fear the idea of invading Wano, because they don’t know how strong they are, and yes it’s mainly about the samurai.
Another reason for, “Why shouldn’t the Marine invade on Onigashima instead?”
This is where Oda can showcase his big promised war that will “let look Marineford like a filler”.
Joke aside, this arc or fight hasn’t be to long. I don’t want to give my estimation on the length of this arc, but I think the length of Marineford would be fitting.
To summarize the prognosed content of the Onigashima arc:

  • The final fight against Kaido and his follower, this also includes the Supernovas present in Wano to participate, either against each other or together alongside each other. Big Mom can also be tied into this fight, aswell Marines looking for credits there. The results of Wano itself and the Reverie might also play a role.
  • Focussing also around Luffys 1v1 development, hence Kaido is the perfect opportunity to have Luffy test out his new limits against Kaido.
  • The introduction of a full working Straw Hat Alliance, together with the Mink-Tribe and the Samurais. It is possible that Marco follows up as promised against this fight.
  • Kizaru can have his second fight against the Supernovas, this is alot of speculative, but taking possible Reverie set up into account, Onigashima, aswell as Wano partially reflect the Sabaody Archiepelago arc and Summit War saga.
  • Resolving the plotline for the Road Poneglyphs and more crazy stuff like the reappearance of Big News Morgans.

Alot of the above mentioned points just don’t fit properly into Wano imho, and Onigashima was a big reveal for us, an island foreshadowed since years. But what will happen afterwards? I believe, there will be an equivalent to the “post summit war arc”. And yes guys, this Island was foreshadowed!

The “Whitebeard Island arc”:

Whitebeard’s Island is the island, the place, Yonko Whitebeard, Edward Newgate created, this is the place Whitebeard’s and Ace’s graves are placed.

What do we know out of the Wano arc?
Ace is plotrelevant there!
Ace has been plotrelevant on Dressrosa and now on Wano due to Tama’s promise, so where does it lead us to?

Luffy visiting Ace’s grave!

This is where Big Mom & Kaido has been resolved, and I think this is a major plotpoint to consider. One Piece is a shounen, a very psychological one, and the shounen protagonist, here Luffy, has to make a progress, sometimes not just with training. But with controlling his spirit, his problems…his BURDENS! A promise to take revenge and stop further drama.

Ladies and Gentlemen,
I think “Whitebeard Island arc” will be an arc focussing around Luffy’s recovery from the Yonko fight, reestablishing new/older conflicts and building up the upcomming saga focussing around Elbaf, Shanks and Blackbeard and possible Raftel/Final War.
“Whitebeard Island arc” might focus around:

  • The “Payback War” and Whitebeard, topics that are relevant to progress the Blackbeard plotline and clarify the position of the remaining Whitebeard pirates.
  • Luffy’s recovery from the Yonko fight, I think this is given by Marco’s presence, Marco has the ability to heal, so why not use it? Or let Chopper heal? Will Law even be still with Luffy? This arc will resolve this topic!
  • Weevil…, yeah everyone waited for this, if not on Wano, not on Onigashima…then Whitebeard’s island would be the best target. He is looking for Luffy and Marco. Is he an ally or enemy? This is where this might be resolved?
  • Who is ally, who is enemy? The Straw Hats need to figure out their position in the world, beating/conflicting Yonkos is a big deal, by that time with success…this drains the attention of the World Government and Imu even more…will they chase them? What’s Imus next step? How prepared are the strawhats…and where is the fourth Road Poneglyph? Destination Elbaf? The alliance, the Straw Hats need new plans! And now they got the back of one of their strongest allies…the Whitebeard Pirates!

Rocks and the Reverie:

  • The Rocks plotline is not determined to resolve close in the future, it takes up the set up of Big Mom, Kaido and the World Government, because they fear them. Rocks can be a topic during Wano, Onigashima, but possibly also in Whitebeard’s Island. Something not to forget about.
  • The Reverie is not officially an arc, but a great world-building event. I speculate that we see the final day of the Reverie, same as we saw the first day on panel. Either as flashback or within the Wano arc, as we saw with the Blackbeard chapter. The Reverie has to be concluded after Wano, or somewhere between the arcs in a flashback, but this is up to Oda.
  • Reuniting with Vivi? I mean this is possible after Wano/Onigashima, also meeting the Revolutionary army. This is wild, but Whitebeard’s Island arc could introduce this topic to us, or even the arcs after it….


I don’t know if a conclusion might be fitting, but the claim was proved by stuff we know from the manga. We have 2 relevant places to visit and tbh…aside of Wano, I think both Whitebeard’s Island and Onigashima might be shorter arcs. It is possible that we get a “post-Wano arc”, after Onigashima or so. It is even possible that Oda ties everything into Wano, but this is up to you on how you believe and on how Oda decides!

*Theory by Rej

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