Possible connection between Black Maria and Amazon Lily


I have a theory regarding Kaido’s Headliner and Tobiroppo Black Maria. I’m going to discuss about a possible connection between Black Maria and Amazon Lily.


Back to Amazon Lily Arc, we met the former empress of the Kuja tribe “Elder Nyon” Gloriosa.

When she was younger, during her period ruling as the Kuja empress, Gloriosa left Amazon Lily and went to sea after falling in love with an unnamed man which led her to suffer Love Sickness, a “disease” that had killed many of her predecessors.
She later told Hancock about the nature of Love Sickness after the latter fell in love with Luffy, leading to the Shichibukai finally accepting World Government’s summons (albeit only for Luffy’s labor if nothing else).

What if Gloriosa had a child during the time she spent away from Amazon Lily? And what if that child is Black Maria?


There are many theories according to which Black Maria ate ancient zoan type Titanoboa which is Snake too.


Also if we compare Black Maria with Marigold, Sandersonia, and Aphelandra, it seems they have similar height, right? 

Furthermore all known residents from Amazon Lily are possibly named after flowers or flowering plants: even the island is named after one. We know that Gloriosa, Marigold, Sandersonia, Marguerite, Rindo, etc.. were named after a flower too.

And if you google/search “Black Maria flower”, you will have these results:

So, that might be an indication that Black Maria is related to Amazon Lily.

What do you think?

*Theory by BangMi

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