Prometheus is the reason why Big Mom lost her memory!


Are Zeus, Prometheus and Napoleon responsible for controlling Big Mom’s different behaviors?


Because these 3 Homies have distinct personalities.

Zeus was made from her Gluttony.

Prometheus was made from her Rage.


Napoleon was made from her Intelligence.


The concept is similar to the relationship between Father and Homunculi in Fullmetal Alchemist. Mother and Homies are exactly parallel terms to Father and Homunculi. Father created Homunculi to abandon his personalities. Oppositely, Big Mom created the 3 Homies to emphasize her personalities.

This theory could explain her behaviors in Wano.

First, Zeus betrayed Big Mom and no one emphasized her gluttony. As a result, Big Mom still kept her consciousness but not suffered from the Eating Disorder.

Second, Big Mom fell to the sea because of the attack from King.

Big Mom was not the one hurt by the attack, but Napoleon did. Napoleon lost its function in the sea because Homies are created by Devil Fruit power. Therefore, Big Mom completely lost her intelligence and return to a childish stage. Chopper also found out that Napoleon looked weird in ch 934.

In ch 947, Queen’s attack directly hit Napoleon.

This attack helped Napoleon to get back its function so Big Mom gained her intelligence back. However, this process may be similar to Moria cutting shadow from people, which people immediately lost their consciousness after that. As a result, Big Mom immediately fell asleep.

In addition, Zeus should be a permanent upgrade for Nami because she will still need Zeus to fight against World Government and Blackbeard Pirates after Wano. Therefore, Big Mom could not die in the end of Wano, because if she died, I highly doubt the 3 Homies could stay alive. On the other hand, if Zeus is responsible for Big Mom’s Gluttony, it means that Zeus leaving Big Mom could permanently cure her Eating Disorder. This fact could allow Big Mom to give Zeus to Straw Hats willingly in the end of Wano. I personally believe Big Mom will retire after Wano, and Katakuri will become the new captain, because there are already some foreshadowing such as his Conqueror’s Haki and the Big Mom Pirates’ discussion about the new captain. This will be a great symbolic scene to show how Straw Hats become reconciled with Big Mom Pirates.

*Theory by kid_0909

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