Real Power of Roronoa Zoro’s Left Eye!


Since the timeskip there has been a lot of speculation as to what’s up with Zoro’s eye. What happened to it? Is there some type of power behind it? I will do my best to answer this question. First let’s start off with the scar over his eye.


Now some people believe that Zoro has lost his eye and it’ll never open again. First I ask why would Oda change his character so drastically without at least having some stakes? By stakes I mean you are suggesting Zoro lost his eye for no reason.


Zoro was training with Mihawk so there’s no where in the story where Zoro should have just lost his eye. Mihawk is the Greatest Swordsman in the World! I can’t believe he would have a training accident that would cause Zoro to lose a major organ.


Especially an eye. Remember Mihawk doesn’t want to fight Shanks because losing an arm makes Shanks no longer powerful enough to duel him so he wouldn’t do this to Zoro. Someone said to me a Humandrill made the scar! (smh)

Zoro’s fight with the Mihawk Humandrill is Anime only!​

Meaning Zoro had defeated all the Humandrills and was only fighting Mihawk while training. Like I said Mihawk is too good to have injured Zoro on accident, but Mihawk is the only person to ever scar Zoro.

So where does this scar come into effect? I believe the scar is both a seal and a key. It is a seal to Zoro’s power but it is also the key to a new attack. For arguments sake let’s say Zoro does Conquerors Haki. Could this be a way that some swordsman hold in their energy and instead of using it how Luffy does when knocking out fodder.

It is a focused attack that when his eye opens it is like a blade. The energy is so built up and focused when the eye is opened he unleashes a great force like a haki blade. Even without Conquerors Haki this could also be something like a combination of Armament and focusing your Observation. Armament Haki could clearly be launched we learned that from the Kuja. And Conquerors Haki can clearly be focused on whoever you so choose. I’m proposing a combination of them.

Worth nothing Zoro and Rayleigh already have many similarities and the scar just added one more.

It’s possible Rayleigh has the attack I’m theorizing about as well. Only him being at his level also no longer being an active fighter he may not need to keep his eye closed. He may just choose not to because he’s not fighting anymore he’s retired. As well as the strain haki can put on a body.

Just to talk a little more about this attack or way to use haki or Conquerors Haki. Think of a 108 caliber Phoenix but with a haki blade.

It’s just all of Zoro’s Conquerors Haki or Swordsman Spirit stored up for a beast attack. We have had foreshadowing of Conquerors Haki from Zoro though not too much. In the Monet fight when he paralyzed her with fear. That’s an intimidation tactic and one of Conquerors Haki confirmed uses is the power of intimidation that can incapacitate an enemy.

With Monet though the intimidation kept her from fixing her body even though she wasn’t cut with Haki.

So I got this theory all off of a random thought. It literally popped into my head while watching some of Zoro’s fights then rereading things. I feel like it was solid enough to share with you all. What do you think?

*Theory by RomanceDawn

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