Recent Chapters give us a lot of insight about the Wano Arc Ending


After reading Chapter 1028, I decided to put together some things I’ve been thinking about the last part of Wano. As of now, there are a few fights left to be completed. Some of them we know who will win, others all that’s left is the way in which it will happen. So here are my thoughts:

— Luffy will eventually defeat Kaido on an 1v1 as he said he would, probably by Kaido’s being exhausted of all the fights he’s been through and moving Onigashima.


— Zoro and Sanji also will win at the same time, like Inuarashi and Nekomamushi. With Zoro’s last attack, Enma becoming a black blade, and Sanji’s full awakening.

— Drake will come at the top, because as an agent of SWORD. I think he will have some interference on how things will unfold with the current agents of CP0 that are at the castle.


— Big Mom vs Law and Kid, I’m not going to say she’ll be defeated, but she’ll flee when she sees Kaido defeated, and thus “betraying” Kaido like most of the pirate alliances.


— Orochi will be the last to be defeated, together with Kaido, as they’re the true enemies of Wano. He’ll fall after he sees Momonosuke, as an adult identical to Oden, holding Onigashima in front of the people, cheering for him, like the Legendary Hour when Oden was assassinated by Orochi/Kaido. He’ll attempt to shot Momonosuke but Hiyori will kill him before (the last bit is more of a wish ok haha).

The CP0 will try to kidnap Robin, but different of Water 7, she won’t accept to give up herself, as now she has friends who will be there for her. Also, with One Piece coming so close to the end, I don’t believe we got time for another rescue mission, so they will not succeed.

With the resolution of the fights coming, the World Government arrives with their Buster Call 2.0 but now instead of Vice Admirals, who are fighting the ex-Shichibukais, they got the new SSG or at least an early version of them.

Our crew would be in a true pinch, but that’s when the Strong Straw Hat Grand Fleet appears as they said they would.

After seeing that Luffy’s Vivre Card had become so little through his fight with Kaido multiple times, they decide to come together and to his aid. And this would become responsible for a pivotal occurrence in this age. The opening of the Wano’s borders.

I don’t believe the crew will flee Wano because of the arriving of the World Government. They will take their time there.


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