Recurring Misconception in Yonko vs Admirals Debates


This is just something small that I wanted to touch on because I always see it being brought up in Yonko vs Admirals debates.


You have people throwing around the classic line “Doflamingo wasn’t afraid of Aokiji or Fujitora but was terrified of Kaido” to support their argument which doesn’t really make any sense.

Kaido is known to not be able to negotiate with. Law says this, we see it when Big Mom first calls Kaido and we see it when he ends the alliance between Kid, Apoo and Hawkins. This is why Doflamingo is afraid. If he lost the SAD, Caesar and the Factory, Kaido would be furious and there would be no negotiation, redemption or sweet talk. Kaido would kill him right away.


Now if you compare that to Fujitora or Aokiji it makes sense that Doflamingo didn’t fear them. Fujitora works for the Marines, who could not touch Doflamingo at all. And the Marines work for the World Government, who can’t touch Doflamingo either. This is why Doflamingo was so confident with Fujitora.


And with Aokiji, all he wanted was Doflamingo to back off from Smoker. And what did Doflamingo do? He backed off and left. Aokiji never acted hostile or threatened to kill him. Doflamingo had no reason to fear him like he did Kaido.

Something that’s important in One Piece is the context of things that happen. Not everything that happens is about power scaling. The perfect example is when Shanks shows up at Marineford to end the war.

That too is an instance where people think it proves that Shanks is above any Admiral but it really had nothing to do with that. It was a sign of respect to Whitebeard and Ace.

*by Mugiwara300

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