Red Hair Pirates vs Straw Hat Pirates 1v1 Matchups


With the new movie coming out and giving us information of how the Red Hair Pirates fight, I became super excited to think of the matchups where the Straw Hats fight the Red Hair Pirates. The matchups for these crews aren’t set in stone or even remotely accurate to the Blackbear Pirates matchups because Oda may not even be planning a fight between these crews, even if it is just a friendly fight.


I just thought it would be fun to give some matchups because I would love to see these crews fight out. Note that the Red Hair Pirates have 10 executives while the Straw Hats have 10 members, so it fits nicely.

Luffy VS Shanks

The most obvious fight here. Shanks is called the “Killer of Observation Haki”, according to the new film, so it only makes sense that Luffy’s Advanced Conqueror’s Haki will be disarmed against him. Their Advanced Conqueror’s Haki will really show up however, and seeing how Shanks’ Conqueror’s Haki is arguably the strongest in the verse currently, it will be a really fun Haki fight.

Zoro VS Beckmann


This fight seems the most probable currently as Benn Beckman is the right hand man of Shanks and Zoro is Luffy’s first mate. Not only that, but Beckman is said to shoot Haki bullets, so it would be an interesting fight to see how Zoro would block his attacks. Beckman can also use his pistol as a melee weapon, so his fighting style is pretty unique for someone like Zoro to fight.

Sanji VS Lucky Roo


Roo was just confirmed to be the cook of the crew, which marks the second fight Sanji would have against a cook (first against the Sea Train opponent). This fight makes a lot of sense because Lucky Roo is possibly the fastest in the crew, which would make Sanji have to use his speed to keep up with Roo. He also rolls up like a bowling ball to fight, so that’s cool! Also, Roo is not very good with women, you get the point. Another case for Sanji would be to fight Beckmann instead, as that dude is good with women and smokes, but Sanji’s track record shows that he never fights the first mates, and fights characters that are possibly the goofiest of their group (Jabra, Queen).

Usopp VS Yasopp

Don’t need to explain why. Now the next ones will be increasingly harder to predict.

Brook and Chopper VS Bonk Punch and Monster

Chopper and Monster are both animals and Chopper can understand what Monster will say as well, so that would come up as a fun matchup. It’s said that Monster is just as strong as the other executives in battle, even though he usually fights fodder while Bonk Punch fights someone else. It seems that Bonk Punch comes in a package with Monster, so it would be fitting that he fights a musician, as Bonk Punch is a musician himself. Brook seems to be the answer to that. This fight would be weird to see with Brook and Bonk Punch specifically because Bonk Punch uses his really strong fists to fight, so Jinbe would make sense to fight him instead. But Brook and Chopper would make for a funnier duo just like when Usopp paired with Chopper to fight in Alabasta. Also, Bonk Punch is said to be one of the oldest members of the crew, just like Brook is.

Nami VS Limejuice

THIS WOULD BE A DREAM FIGHT! Limejuice is said to fight with his weapons that give off an electrical discharge, which would be perfect for Nami to go up against in a 1v1. He can also use Geppo which is similar to Sanji’s skywalk and attack with electricity from the skies. Nami would get a great fight against a male opponent for once, and it would be really awesome to see her fight someone with similar abilities.

Franky VS Hongo

Finding a good fight for Franky was hard, but it seems probable that he fights Hongo, who can disassemble weapons almost instantaneously. This would be a disadvantage for Franky, so it works in that sense. Hongo is the doctor/surgeon of the crew, but having him fight anyone but Franky wouldn’t be the best case because the only opponent he can disarm in a fight would be a literal cyborg. Also, Franky is seen fighting more troubled characters throughout the series, like Señor Pink and Sasaki (end of a friendship with Denjiro) and in a way Fukurou (due to his constant yapping). This is a reach but Hongo does seem to be more relaxed and carefree 20 years ago compared to pictures of him in Marineford and the Film Red picture, which makes him look more serious.

Jinbe (or Brook) VS Howling Gab

Jinbe fighting someone who has sound blasts similar to Who’s Who makes sense, but I also see a case for swapping Jinbe and Brook. Having Jinbe fight Bonk Punch in a proper fist fight along with Chopper while Brook is swapped to fight Howling Gab makes sense as well. Brook’s swords would work against Howling Gab’s laser-like abilities compared to someone like Bonk Punch. The best part of this prediction for Howling Gab is that he can be scared of fighting Brook, as it’s stated that he is afraid of ghosts. This would make for a humorous and entertaining fight.

Robin VS Building Snake

The case I have for these two being paired to fight is that they both are mature and seem to care for younger people. Building Snake is said to have been watching over Luffy and Uta’s growth, similar to Robin’s motherlike tendencies with Chopper. Their fighting styles are very off however, as Building Snake would fight her with swords, so maybe having Brook fight him instead would be cool, just like how Robin fought Black Maria most of the time while Brook helped. Robin just doesn’t fit fighting the others very much, but her fighting style is very unique in the first place.


These fights are most likely not going occur in this way, and that’s if the crews fight each other. Also, we haven’t had a crew to crew fight yet completely, so it’s hard to say if all the members of the Straw Hats would even fight the Red Hair Pirates. Luffy, Usopp, Chopper and Nami’s fights seem to be the most accurate to predict, while Zoro and Sanji’s weren’t as easy to think about. Franky, Jinbe, Brook, and especially Robin’s fights were the hardest to predict and definitely not set in stone if these crews fight each other. Anyways, these matchups have been really fun to think about! Thanks for reading!

*by funkyvenom6

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