Return of Nightmare Luffy Against Kaido


Moria’s recent reintroduction can only mean one of two things:


1-Moria dies and his devil fruit is stolen by Blackbeard

2-Moria is set to join Wano to confront Kaido


Why would Oda reintroduce a character only to kill him off screen? In my opinion Moria reluctantly agrees to go in Wano. His goal will be to defeat Kaido first and then Blackbeard. In a sense, the same as for Luffy.


While Moria obviously hasn’t been friendly towards Luffy in the past, Luffy teamed up with former enemies several times throughout the series, and considering that Kaido was the one who ruined Moria’s entire life, I’d wager his hatred for Kaido outweighs his hatred for Luffy and he’d take delight in the opportunity to take Kaido down.

Nightmare Luffy was the reason Luffy was able to defeat Oars in Thriller Bark, and Luffy was unstoppable being filled with just the strength of the shadows of random pirates and marines who were captured on the island.

If Moria assists Luffy in defeating Kaido, imagine a Nightmare Luffy “2.0” that would not only potentially combine with Gear 4, but Luffy’s allies such as Law, Kid and the Nine Red Scabbards alongside the entire Straw Hat crew offering their shadows to assist Luffy and power him up.

What do you guys think of this idea? It would put Luffy on Kaido’s level without feeling like a power-up from out of nowhere and Luffy would simply be borrowing the extra strength from his allies.

*Theory by MeanMustacheMan

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