Reverie Conflict Foreshadowing


In chapter 823, on the way to the Reverie, we get this page of Igaram worried about Vivi.


Note what he says, “What if a monstrous bird were to swoop down and abduct you, a sniper lurking in wait, a meteor to fall from the sky?!” Pell then mentions it’s fine, she’s traveled with pirates which prompts Igaram to shush him since Marines are nearby.

If you recall when leaving Alabasta, Nami did the same thing to Luffy in order to protect Alabasta/Vivi. This is important later.


Anyway, recall what Igaram just warned Vivi about:

Who can create monstrous birds that can carry people? Karasu of the Revolutionary Army.


Who can drop meteorites from the sky? Fujitora.

In chapter 925 Blackbeard informed us that the Revolutionary Commanders and the new Admirals clashed at the Reverie. Interesting what Igaram said before huh? Seeing as how thats where they were headed.

We also learned a couple more things about the Reverie in chapters 956-957, among which was some news regarding Sabo, news regarding Vivi/Alabasta, an unnamed death and an assassination attempt (likely related to the aforementioned people), and the abolition of the Shichibukai system.

One small detail that may get overlooked is that Wapol calls Morgans with a “leak.”

What does Wapol know? Well we know there’s some news that involves both Sabo and Alabasta. Morgans previously published in the paper that Sabo was a sworn brother of Luffy.

What does Wapol have to do with it? I circle back to what Igaram and Nami both did, protect Vivi’s relationship with the Straw Hats. Wapol knows about that relationship having run into them when they traveled together. If you don’t recall, Wapol is a punk ass bitch even hitting Vivi as a child.

Knowing Morgans has published Sabo and Luffy’s connection, I think Wapol called in to let him know that Vivi is ALSO allied with the Straw Hats. Previously, the relationship had to be kept a secret to keep Albasta safe, but developments with the Gorosei/Im targeting Vivi and Cobra seem to make that point moot now.

*Theory by africhic

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