The Revolutionary Army is a powerful military organization led by Monkey D. Dragon. In particular, they lead the fight against the World Government and what it stands for.


They opposes the World Government, although their true targets are the corrupt and depraved World Nobles of Mary Geoise that control the World Government for their own benefit.

People who join the Revolutionary Army are considered notorious threats to the Government, especially the high-ranking members. The leader Monkey D. Dragon is known as “The Most Wanted Man in the World”. He’s the World Government’s greatest enemy, and is the most dangerous man in the world.


Sabo is the Revolutionary Army’s chief of staff, recognized as the “No. 2” of the entire organization, ranking directly under Monkey D. Dragon himself.


Then we have the Four Commanders

Morley of the West Army is a giant okama who uses the Oshi Oshi no Mi Devil Fruit which allows him to manipulate the ground like clay.

Belo Betty of the East Army is a human woman who uses the Kobu Kobu no Mi which increase peoples’ fighting abilities.

Lindbergh of the South Army is a cat mink who uses his own inventions to fight.

Karasu of the North Army is a man who uses an unnamed Devil Fruit which allows him to turn his body and clothes into a murder of crows.

Then we have the Revolutionary Army’s Officers

Zoro is the First Mate – Myth & Fact

Karasu’s Special Zoan Devil Fruit