Revolutionary Army & The Cuban Revolution


I want to speak about a thought I had. It’s about the similarities between the Revolutionary Army and the Cuban Revolution.


First about their leaders:

On one side, we have Monkey D. Dragon and on the other we have Che Guevara.

These are my thoughts about them:

– Similar appearance,

– Both are directly against the government,

– Both travelled in their early years,

– They both saw the suffer of the people caused by the government(s)


–  Their followers were imprisoned, after fights: many cuban rebels were captured and many others killed. In addition, in One Piece we saw Ivankov and Inazuma being in Impel Down while Kuma is a slave-to-rent for the World Nobles.


Other hints despite their leaders are:

– The new cuban government (after the revolution) accepted sexually different oriented people, in One Piece we have the “Okamas” which were suppressed by the government before (Ivankov in Impel Down).

– Che was raised christian, and Dragon had Kuma as a friend.

These are the parallels, I hope you enjoyed my theory.

*Theory by Daniel Lippert

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