Revolutionary Army & The Cuban Revolution


I want to speak about a thought I had. It’s about the similarities between the Revolutionary Army and the Cuban Revolution.


First about their leaders:

On one side, we have Monkey D. Dragon and on the other we have Che Guevara.

These are my thoughts about them:

–         Similar appearance,

–         Both are directly against the government,

–         Both travelled in their early years,

–         They both saw the suffer of the people caused by the government(s)

–         Both had fights in other countries. Che in Bolivia, Congo and some others, and Dragon succeeded in South Blue, has his base in the Grandline, and now Sabo appeared in the New World (I expect Dragon to be in the New World too).

–         Their followers were imprisoned, after fights: many cuban rebels were captured and many others killed. In addition, in One Piece we saw Ivankov and Inazuma being in Impel Down.

Other hints despite their leaders are:

–         The new cuban government (after the revolution) accepted sexually different oriented people, in One Piece we have the “Okamas” which were suppressed by the government before (Ivankov in Impel Down).

–         Che was raised christian, and Dragon had Kuma as a friend.

These are the parallels, I hope you enjoyed my theory and I hope for some feedback.

*Theory by Daniel Lippert

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