Rocks D. Xebec is Alive and He’s Lurking in Wano


1- First, for this theory to make sense, we need all to agree that Rocks D. Xebec is still alive.


Oda wouldn’t just throw his name 900 chapters into the series for him to be a flashback character who died 38 years ago. Why do the Marines talk so vaguely about his death? Why does Garp say if they were to comeback it would be a real threat, while in fact the Marines never thought Kaido and Big Mom would team up?

2- I believe that a lot of you agree with me in my first point, but you wouldn’t think that Rocks D. Xebec will appear in Wano. Then how will Kaido make the greatest war the world has ever seen?


Also from a pacing perspective it makes a lot of sense if Rocks D. Xebec appears in Wano. I mean isn’t it a little bit too coincidental for Oda to first mention Rocks the arc right before Wano which is the Reverie? That legendary pirate is only being mentioned now, why not 100 chapter ago? Well you could argue that he is the endgame antagonist, but we alredy have Blackbeard.


3- Big Mom is a big factor in this theory, actually she is one of the most important characters in the series whether you like her or not.

Well my point here is that it doesn’t make sense that Big Mom and Kaido have an alliance, while in fact they have been fighting each other for more than 30 years, so why now? You could argue about the LIFELONG DEBT, but that still doesn’t explain why didn’t they have an alliance 10 years ago for example.

Well it’s because of ROCKS D. XEBEC, he is the only missing factor in all of this. Rocks D. Xebec was strong enough to keep the entire crew that consisted of massively powerful members like Big Mom, Kaido, Whitebeard and Shiki, who were willing to kill each other, showing a testament of his strength and leadership skills.

The only way for that to make sense is that Kaido actually has Rocks D. Xebec in Wano. That is the only reason their alliance would actually make sense. I mean the only thing they say after declaring their alliance is that they will take over the World, WHILE IN FACT NONE OF THEM WANT TO TAKE OVER THE WORLD, but maybe Rocks D. Xebec does??? Xebec actually wanted to be the king of this world over 38 years ago.

4- Shanks used to be in Gol D. Roger crew and he probably knows about Rocks D. Xebec. Oda wanted us to believe that the certain pirate was actually either Luffy or Blackbeard, since just the next chapter he showed us Im looking at Luffy and Blackbeard’s wanted posters.

But we shouldn’t forget that before this, in the same chapter, Oda told us about the ROCKS. Yes, it actually makes a lot more sense that Shanks wanted to talk to the Gorosei about ROCKS D. XEBEC. Well how does Shanks know that Rocks D. Xebec is with Kaido right now is a mystery to me, but he knows that Xebec is alive.

5- What is Kaido doing in Wano? Kaido wants to make the greatest war the world has ever seen, and by being in Wano those 2 things are connected. I think we can all agree on that.

There is something about this page that is mysterious. It feels out of place, perfect for foreshadowing I’d say, it’s all connected to Wano. Why is that, why Wano. This is the most speculative point of this theory but Oda is telling us there is something fishy about Wano and Oden.

I think Kaido went to Wano first because the country is hard to get into and it’s not affiliated with the World Government so he could hide Rocks D. Xebec and prepare for the GREATEST war. Secondly Oda is trying to tell us that Oden and Toki are 2 characters very important. Maybe Toki actually used to be in Rocks Pirates, maybe she was from the Void Century, maybe Oden actually knew things he shouldn’t have since he went with Roger in his final voyage, and Kaido actually wanted to get rid of Oden specifically.

These are all speculations but without a doubt it seems that Wano is a common factor for all these big shots is what Oda literally told us in the story. So it actually makes a lot of sense for Rocks D. Xebec to be currently in Wano.

*Theory by borntobeprince50

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