Roger’s and Oden’s Journey Timeline


Based on the latest chapters and previous information, I have been attempting to piece together Roger’s and Oden’s journey and life until their deaths.


38 Years Ago:

– God Valley Incident. Gol D. Roger and Monkey D. Garp defeat Rocks D. Xebec.

At Least 30 Years Ago:


– Shanks and Buggy join the Roger Pirates.

– Roger obtains the Oro Jackson from Tom in Water 7.

30 Years Ago:


– Oden joins the Whitebeard Pirates.

28 Years Ago:

– Roger discovers his terminal illness and begins the final journey.

– Roger recruits Crocus at the Twin Cape.

28-27 Years Ago:

– Roger Pirates travel to Skypeia and Fishman Island?

– Roger Pirates enter New World and fight with Shiki in Edd War.

26 Years Ago:

– Roger Pirates and Whitebeard Pirates encounter each other on an unknown island. Roger recruits Oden.

– Roger Pirates travel to Wano to drop off Toki, Hiyori, and Momonosuke. They are shown the Road Poneglyph?

– Roger Pirates travel back to Fishman Island, Skypiea, and then back to the New World?

– Roger Pirates travel to Zou and are shown the Road Poneglyph. Inuarashi and Nekomamushi remain on Zou?

26-25 Years Ago:

– Roger Pirates travel to Whole Cake Island. Big Mom shows Roger her Road Poneglyph.

25 Years Ago:

– Roger Pirates travel to Laugh Tale.

– Having completed their journey, Roger disbands the crew.

– Oden returns to Wano.

– Roger travels to South Blue to be with Rouge.

24 Years Ago:

– Roger turns himself in to the Marines. He is executed and the Great Age of Pirates begin.

23 Years Ago:

– Moriah steals Ryuma’s corpse and Shusui. Wano faces a national tragedy.

20 Years Ago:

– Oden and his retainers attempt to open Wano Country. However, Oden is executed by Kaido and Orochi.

*by Fortunato

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