A weapon that Roger could have owned.

Poseidon’s Trident 


Gol D. Roger possessed a weapon that got the attention of Gold Lion Shiki he referred to it as an “Apocalyptic Weapon”
Now the most powerful weapon that has ever been on earth would be Posiden’s Trident; this weapon screams apocalypse!!

How did Roger steal it? 

Fishman Island: 27 years ago before the Battle of Edd War, Roger could have found out a way to steal it from Fishman Island.
The trident of Poseidon is a ancient weapon that the real god of the seas helds in his arms.


The current royal family would keep it a secret from the world including the people of Fishman Island meaning that it was kept as a secret national treasure that the humans should never find out about as it would attract unwanted attention from the World Government.

Roger could have been Joy Boy as he could have written that apology poneglyph for stealing the trident at Fishman Island that Robin found.

The Great Battle of Edd War 
Note: this battle gives us 3 signs about the weapon


Gold Lion Shiki could also have been searching for the weapon but Roger got it first so Shiki wanted to own it but he couldn’t use it powers.

• I believe that this weapon can only be used by someone with the “will of D”; this could be the reason why Shiki offered Roger to be his right hand man because Roger could use the trident as he possess the “will of D” but Roger refused his offer.

• The Trident can control the sea and storms , Roger could have created the storm with the weapon and he could have sunk half of Shiki’s fleet.

• One of the reasons why he was Pirate King could be because of his weapon he could control the seas.
The World Government fears that if someone finds a weapon of this level, they would have no power against it.

Whitebeard’s Refusal

The last time Roger met Whitebeard he offered to tell the location of the One Piece but Whitebeard refused due to 2 reason:

• Whitebeard had similar powers as the weapon: sea quakes and earth quakes (but the trident has more powers like controlling storms).

• Roger was a target: the Government wouldn’t leave him alone and they slaughtered everyone who was in contact with him so Whitebeard didn’t want to risk his family on this so he refused.

The current location of the weapon: Oro Jackson?

Rather than burying it, it could have been in the Oro Jackson this whole time as no one knows what happened to the ship. So before Roger surrendered he could have kept it with the Oro Jackson because no one knows what happened to it or where it is.
Roger could also have reffered to his ship as “wealth, fame and power” as the ship could have the things that the crew wanted to look for.

Treasure: Nami

Roger’s journal: Nico Robin (the answers to Robin’s questions could be in Roger’s journal)

Oro Jackson: Franky (I’m sure he would want to see it or restore it as a tribute to Tom)

One Piece(The Trident): Luffy didn’t know what it was but this could be what he wanted to find.

*Theory by King of beasts kaido

Suuuper Connections Between Franky and Nico Robin

Garp’s strength in comparison to Roger and Whitebeard