Sabo finally reveals everything that happened in the Reverie – Chapter 1083 Spoilers


Chapter 1083: The Truth of That Day

The chapter will start where chapter 1082 ends with Sabo, Monkey D. Dragon and Emporio Ivankov, and Sabo will talk about everything that happened in the Reverie (beginning of the flashback). ‎


Information about the eight kingdoms that oppose the world government because of what happened to the kingdom of Lulusia, these eight kingdoms refuse to pay taxes to the world government and therefore the government decides to send the Holy Knights to them to deal with them, it was mentioned that the number of the Holy Knights is 9. ‎

Sabo with Karasu, Morley and Lindbergh against Admirals Aramaki and Issho, in the fight we will witness Karasu shooting crows at Issho while Morley managed to stab Aramaki, also the CP0 organization intervened in the battle which is in possession of Nefertari Vivi. ‎


According to Sabo, the main mission was successfully accomplished by enabling them to declare war against the World Government directly by burning the world government flag, and even Bartholomew Kuma was freed. ‎

Monkey D. Dragon says that the real war against the world government has now begun because of the action of the Holy Knights, the Revolutionary Army has started its first move in the battle by destroying supply ships headed for Marijoa.

‎We see a newspaper in which the news of the corpse of King Nefertari Cobra, King of the Kingdom of Arabasta, is presented, and next to him is the main accused Sabo. We also see King Nefertari Cobra heading to meet the Gorosei, and before he goes to them, he asks Pell and Chaka, the guards of the Kingdom of Arabasta, to take care of his daughter, Princess Nefertari Cobra. ‎

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