Basis of Speculation

99 recipes were introduced with great importance in chapter 595. Sanji was so impressed that he decided to spend his two years there training with even Okama who he despises so much. It has to have some importance in the story but Oda has yet to show any importance of Sanji learning these recipes.


Before I start with the speculation, How i reached at this speculation?
This goes back to Sanji vs Vergo fight in which we saw Sanji getting his bone crack.
Also, Luffy vs Katakuri in which Luffy shows god teir endurance.
My theory will be able to back these fights a little bit and will serve as a potential power up for Sanji as well.

Most people had thought that these 99 cusines will make body stronger and will help in attack powers- since the name Attack Cuisine hints that but my speculations are different.

I believe that these 99 recipes will have more to do with healing powers of the body than making body stronger (tho no doubt they do make body stronger as well)
Since, if your body’s healing powers are great you are indirectly strong, which in my opinion Ivankov meant in chapter 595 of One Piece. These 99 recipes will have a possible affect on your stamina, endurance and durability as well.


Now looking back at Sanji vs Vergo fight.


Some people may take it lightly but it kept bothering me. How could he have his bones crack just after 2 years timeskip. Some may say, it’s nothing new, he broked his bones pre timeskip as well but it is completely different matter now, it’s humiliating now. Since it kinda raise a question what was he even doing for these last 2 years while everybody got stronger. So this leg problem had to be solved and here’s how Oda might solve it.
I believe we will have a flashback in which Sanji will be shown fighting Okama and getting his legs bone broken. And than Ivankov will comment that this is the power of 99 recipies, you could heal your bones while fighting as well. Then Ivankov will go on to recommend Sanji to use his haki instead of getting his legs broken everytime.

This speculation also explains Luffy’s endurance.

We saw Sanji preparing food for Luffy before the tea party began and I believe he used one of 99 recipies in it and it enhanced Luffy’s strength and endurance to help him fight Katakuri.

*Theory by Sanji W. Smoke

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