Sanji vs King & Zoro vs Queen Matchups Confirmed!


I think Queen’s Ice Oni masterpiece hasn’t shown us everything it’s capable of.


The Ice Oni is a phenomenal drug that causes the infected to go berserk and lose control, eats away at their body, but in return they get phenomenal strength and a solid covering of ice.

When it comes to top tier destruction, Ice Oni far outclasses Mummy.


However, I believe the Ice Oni is more than a drug to infect others, it may be a boost for Queen hence it being the masterpiece.


Not only would it work with his epithet “the plague” it works with the dichotomy he has going on with King.

King is a fire powered creature with a race based off western demons (dark angels). For Queen to use the Ice Oni on himself he’ll have an ice typing with a race based off eastern demons (Onis).

In terms of matchup this works as well. As Zoro’s abilities are connected to eastern religions, Buddhism to be exact.

Whereas Sanji’s abilities are connected to western religions, Judeochristianity with his “Devils Foot.”

It also works with them having to enhance what they’re strongest at. Sanji will have to burn a man surrounded in fire, whereas Zoro’s going to have to cut someone encased in an ice armor. Both of these can lead to them pushing themselves to their full power and maybe beyond like in Enies Lobby.

*Theory by GreenLanturn73

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Zoro will get infected by Queen’s Ice Oni