Sanji will mark the end of Whole Cake Island Arc!!


I don’t really get why people are always claiming with every passing chapter that a 1v1 fight for Sanji is not possible as of this moment? Honestly, for me, it’s quite the opposite, with every chapter I’m even more convinced that Sanji indeed will get a fight and it’s probably going to be Snack.


First of all, why do people say that the Whole Cake Island arc drags on too much and has to end soon? Whole Cake Island started at chapter 825, so we are currently at 73 chapters, seriously?? That’s nothing! Dressrosa was 100 chapters long, here we are dealing with a Yonko, one of the four strongest pirates in the world and 73 chapters are too much? I think Whole Cake Island is going to finish at chapter 905.

This arc started with Sanji and Oda is going to end it with him, he couldn’t make it clearer for me, step by step he’s concluding every subplot that he has introduced this arc:

Pudding, Pekoms, Pound, Pedro and Luffy getting his main fight with Katakuri.


The Vinsmokes are taking care of Cacao Island while Jinbe and Nami distract Smoothie and Daifuku.


In the next chapter, I think, like many predicted, Snack( who’s stationed against the Germa Fleet) will become the last obstacle that Sanji has to face in order to arrive at the Sunny.

However, Judge is going to clear the path to let Sanji pass which he does, Sanji arrives at the Sunny and let’s Luffy rest there, but then he realises that Snack is completly overwhelming Judge, who is also still weakened because of Big Mom’s attack. Sanji is going to confront Snack and the most amazing part is where he does that.

If you noticed the Germa Kingdom is right below them, so Sanji is going to fight Snack at the Germa headquarters, come on guys, can the symbolism be more perfect??

The “Failure” will fight one of the strongest members of a Yonko and everyone is going to see it.

Next chapter, Oda is going to conclude the last subplot, Big Mom eating the godamn cake and then at 900 Sanji will get his time to shine!

That is just my wish of what has to happen next, of course I could be totally wrong and none of that is going to happen, but I feel like that’s the cause Oda is taking here.

What do you think?

*Theory by Rob-Lucci

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