I see that many people claims Sanji’s durability isn’t even close to Zoro’s, which imo is just wrong.

Pre-TS Sanji defeats monstrous Absalom, -who had invisibility powers- after getting a knife wound.


This is impressive since Zoro couldn’t do the same against Buggy after receiving a knife wound.

Another example,

Sanji defeats Jyabura (who has the same level douriki with Kaku and more experienced as a DF user)

After getting serious wounds from Kalifa ;



This is just impressive, the guy gets the beating of his life and still defeats someone who can give high-diffs to Zoro.

He takes dual punches from Luffy and Jinbe, and he gets up like nothing happened.

And once again, he gets the beating of life, and almost died because of Caesar ;

And still goes toe-to-toe with Vergo (except for one move), who has a special CoA Haki level, and defeated Smoker with mid-diff.

Has his monstrous stamina come from his childhood beatings from his siblings and the beatings he took from Zeff?

by Erkan12

Top 10 Strongest Marines In One Piece Series

That’s how Zeff really lost his leg.