Sanji’s Maternal Family


This is a collection of different theories I’ve done. These are the main points:

  • Who was Sora.
  • Sora and Stussy are sisters.
  • Sanji has Cipher Pol vibes to him.
  • One of the Gorosei is Sanji’s grandfather.

We know all about Judge but what we don’t know much about is Sanji’s maternal family.

Who was Vinsmoke Sora?


I believe Sora was a MADS scientist and not just that, she was the creator of the raid suit. Judge is more of an expert in human cloning and gene therapy, in the North Blue there is a comic series called the hero of the sea Sora about a World Government superhero who fights the Germa 66.


What I don’t get is how is there a comic about the Germa 66 and the hero has the same name as the wife? There is no way that’s an accident.

Sanji destroyed the raid suit in Wano because he rejects that side of his but he forgets not all of his family is evil there is still his mother, it would be fitting to discover that she created a raid suit but Judge corrupted the technology and Vegapunk will reveal the true raid suit that Sanji will take to carry on his mother’s will.

The question is who writes this comic and why? Another question is why did Sora marry Judge? Maybe Judge wasn’t so bad back in the day or maybe Sora was more evil and if was giving birth to Reiju that made her good but either way she did end up marrying Judge and having his kids. In Wano, Queen revealed he absolutely hated Judge and buit the Vinsmoke powers into himself to prove he was superior to Judge and wanted Sanji to wear the suit to confirm this, the question is why does he hate Judge to such a level ?

Well I believe answer is that Queen loved Sora but she chose Judge over him. Queen cannot take rejection from women as shown when he attacked a prostitute who faked illness in order to not be with him.


Now why would Sora marry Judge like I said maybe she was more evil back then or maybe judge wasn’t as evil. Maybe Sora married him back when Judge was good and his obsession didn’t take over and his dark side didn’t reveal itself but either way she did marry him and have his kids.

In the cover for Chapter 1070 I believe we can see sora next to Judge.

Now at first glance you can say this looks more like Stussy and fair point she does look like Stussy. The only problem is Judge met Stussy. They are at the same table and neither of them seem that aware of the other.

So this leads me to say that she isn’t Stussy but why would Oda make it look like Stussy anyway? Well what if Stussy and Sora are actually sisters?

So this leads me back to the marriage thing. What if there was a 3rd option? What if Sora married Judge not out of love or because she was more evil, what if she was a Cipher Pol agent and the marriage was just a means of keeping tabs on Judge?

This might be way the comic series hero is called Sora and why he looks like a CP0 agent.

Now if this is true that would make Stussy Sanji’s aunt and the thing is when we look back at Sanji I got to say he kind of does carry the CP9 type of look.

Back in the day it was believed Sanji did in fact come from a family of assassins and eventually it was revealed he was a Vinsmoke. If you think about it Sanji would make a good assassin or spy.

Sanji through the series has shown his skill at analysing a situation and finding a means of resolving it the easier and quickest way possible, in Little Garden he came across Mr 3’s home base and answered a call from Crocodile, Crocodile assumed it was Mr 3 on the other side and started talking and Sanji quickly took advantage and pretended to be Mr 3 and confirmed the straw hats were dead with Vivi so that Crocodile wouldn’t keep sending forces after them and honestly if they didn’t meet Bon Clay the crew could have done more damage to Crocodile’s plan. Later in Alabasta Sanji lured Crocodile away from the casino and snuck back in and saved everyone.

In Skypiea Sanji stuck onto the ship and tampered with the engines which slowed it down before going up to save Usopp and Nami.

In Enies Lobby Sanji broke off from the crew and headed for the train station saying that if the others fail to save Robin then he would be there to get on the train and he was right. While on the train as Sanji was trying to get to cart to cart without a fight he decided to risk his luck and walked in one of the carts and just acted like he belonged there and that the others would think he was an agent. He walked past everyone who were staring at him confused and he was about to make it to the end until one of them jumped up and said he wasn’t an agent and jumped him.

Then later on again, Sanji would sneak off and he ended up finding the gates of justice controls and closing them which was what allowed the Straw Hats to escape.

During the timeskip while running he was one day trapped and with no other choice out of pure desperation Sanji began to run into the Sky and learned sky walk all by himself.

It’s like Sanji was born to be an assassin which technically he was.

So this leaves me at my hardest part to sell but who is Sanji’s final missing family member? Well I think it’s the Gorosei with the blond hair.

Now here me out. While he is a Celestial Dragon I actually believe the Gorosei aren’t born Celestials they became Celestials as part of their cover.

If you look at the Gorosei they kind of look different from the typical Celestial Dragons, they are scared they wear suits and they are smart.

I want to throw out an idea. What if the Gorosei aren’t Celestials what if they are a specially trained branch or cipher pole, CP10 or a more advanced CP0 group? These 5 are the best of the best the top 5 members who’s role is to play as the heads of the Government to do all the lesser work and to really serve and protect Imu sama the secret and true leader of the World Government.

This Gorosei is a member of cipher pol and he was a former agent and was eventually let in on this massive secret and became one of the elders and perhaps he’s the one behind the Sora comics, not that he writes them himself (though you never know) but more that he pushed the idea to make a comic series aimed at kids in the North Blue that would make them hate Germa 66 and love the Marines and it worked for kids like Law and Drake but with his potential daughter being the former queen maybe he had it written that Sora was a super hero who fought the evil Germa.

What’s more is that maybe he even plans on betraying Imu. There is a theory out there that he is a traitor because of these images.

Doflamingo was the poor man’s Imu and he gathered 5 people to be his top dogs.

The 5th being his brother who was a traitor.

If you were to line them up it’s the blond Gorosei that would be in the 5th officers place so perhaps he is the Corazon in this comparison.

So anyway I will make my theory and say what I think happened.

Blond Gorosei was an elite agent who had 2 daughters who joined Cipher Pole under his watch. Sora the older sister who just happened to be a genius in her own right was tasked to spy on MADS this new group of scientists who were poking their noses in places they didn’t belong.

Sora joined the crew and ended up helping Vegapunk design plans for a raid suit either as part of her mission or due to her own choices she fell for Judge while rejecting Queen‘s advantages, eventually MADS became to much of a threat and the Government decided to take Vegapunk and went after him. They ended up breaking up. Caesar went to Punk Hazard, Queen became a Beasts Pirate and Sora and Judge got married and went off to form the Germa Kingdom.

Judge ended up wanting kids that were super human and created Reiju in Sora womb.

But later when the boys were in her she decided she didn’t want her kids to be like this and made sure to take drugs that she hoped would save them at the cost of her life.

Beside from Sanji this plan failed and Sora grew sick over the years until her death.

News reached the Gorosei who cried for his daughter in a similar manner to how Sengoku broke down when he learned of Corazon death.
Out of spite he commissioned a comic series be written to promote the Government and make the Germa seem bad but he had the series named after his daughter.

Stussy would grow and eventually became a CP0 member.

And that is Sanji’S maternal family.

*Theory by MrBushido56

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