Refuting the “Sanji is only fast in sneak attacks” opinions:


Sanji vs Kuroobi

Sanjji is in front of the guy. He is staring at Sanji. He is talking to Sanji. Sanji attacks him from the front.

He still gets blindsided.

Sanji vs Wanze

What”s so impressive about Sanji dodging a kick? Anyone can do that. But wait, what’s up with Sanji’s leg.


Yup, Sanji blew him away with 12 kicks in a single panel. That Oven kick doesn’t seem so out of nowhere now does it?

Sanji vs Jabra

Sanji leaps at Jabra and…he attacks him so fast he can’t even react.

Sanji vs Judge

Judge launches a sneak attack on Sanji, stabbing through his men. The tip of his spear almost touches Sanji’s face…and

He moves back and blocks it in an instant.

Sanji vs Absalom

In between the words “as “and “you”, Sanji blitzes Absalom.

And then he does it again.

Sanji’s speed disappeared in Cacao Island for plot reasons, but returned the second they got off the Island.

Here’s Daifuku coming in for Carrot. Here’s Him being mid swing. There’s Sanji noticing the attack from below.

Annnnddd he blocks it. Despite the attack already being in progress and bim being far below.

Pointing out that Sanji is slower than he should be sometimes is a point one can make for everyone. Why can’t Zoro break metal bars in Fishman Island if he can cut a mountain and Baby Reiju could do so? Why couldn’t Luffy break out of ropes tied by some civvies? You can find an ‘anti-feat- for anything, the focus should be the broader picture.

*Theory by GabrielMichaelson

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